Report: Another Top Diva Leaving WWE?

EVEReports circulating today suggest that reigning Divas Champion Eve Torres may be wrapping up her five year career with WWE, according to WrestleZone via PWInsider.

The champion will defend her title tonight on the 20th anniversary episode of Raw against Kaitlyn. Could a loss her signal the end of her run?

Torres — who joined WWE through the 2007 Diva Search — has been a major fixture in the division over the last few years, with more reigns as Divas Champion than any other woman — that’s three in total.

In 2012, she competed at WrestleMania, headlined Raw with AJ Lee in a mixed tag team match, won the NBC reality show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ and became engaged to Rener Gracie of the iconic Gracie jiu jitsu family.

Outside the ring, Eve’s skill-set matches her impressive in-ring repertoire; a well-spoken, educated and all around well put together intelligent young woman, Eve has been at the forefront of WWE’s promotional activities and philanthropic causes, representing the company in a positive manner.

To say her departure would be a loss for WWE is an understatement.

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  • Blac Chyna

    Eve should win diva of the decade since no other worthy diva in wwe right to win it (except natalya)

  • shannymac

    It would suck to see her go, but she might just want to move on to the next stage of her life.

  • moonpiggy

    The divas seem to only last 5 years now a days

  • Rhawk

    Wow, and hear I though me saying the Divia Division would die in 2013 during the Diva-Dirt awards was a joke… but it might actually happen if this keeps up.

    With all of these women wanting to leave, then WWE had better get their act together with reparting the division, otherwise they may as well kill it off and use the girls as more like Nitro Girl from WCW, which I dont really want to see tbh.

  • TCsinger09


  • Nostalgia

    People are acting as if Eve is leaving due to bad treatment. This girl has been in the forefront since 2011, that’s not why she’s leaving. She’s getting married, she probably wants kids. I truly believe its about her personal life and people need to respect that



    • wl75

      I think a lot of us thought she was leaving at some point this year because she was getting married- we didn’t think it’d be January though (and it coming out of the blue like this too- I’d thought you’d hear something a month or so before it actually happened that she’d be finishing up).

      • EL ROYALTY

        Being in the forefront obviously isn’t enough for Eve. She did two interviews last year, one while she was Divas Champion, citing her frustration on how the WWE Divas lack airtime, same with Layla.

  • Goodvibes

    Cue Kaitlyn VS AJ for the title @ Wrestlemania.

    This is why the WWE needed to push other women, the ones that they push to the moon are usually the ones that end up leaving first. Its clear women like Nattie are in for the long haul, the division should have been focused around her.

  • xtrahote

    I’m kind of shocked and sadden hearing this departure, but I don’t hold it against her. I see people getting upset that yet another diva is leaving or that now they get why WWE doesn’t push divas anymore. The problem isn’t so much the women, but rather WWE’s approach with the division. Granted there’s women who wrestled well past there 30s, but if you compare the women’s division within the last 10 years to that of the times of Moolah and Mae, the demand is much harder…they are on the road about 300 days a year, and to have such a schedule and be a newlywed has to be hard. And considering the fact that these women are much younger now, they are going to want to have children, and take time to let there bodies heal up to carry a child…I think sometimes us as fans don’t quite realize how hard it must be for a diva. While I believe a lot of divas in the past has used wrestling as a ‘stepping stone’, I do believe Eve had a passion and love for it. It saddens me that now, in what I consider her most interesting reign as champion cause she’s been quite a good heel and has really gotten more aggressive because of it, she’s leaving. The problem with WWE has been that they really haven’t cared much about women’s wrestling at all since the departure of Trish and Lita and even before they left we already started seeing a shift in the women’s division. It just has gotten much much worse since. WWE needs to stop trying to focusing on making the division ‘pink and pretty’ for little girls and hire women from the indies who have talent, who want to wrestle, and pull up several women cause the fact of the matter is female wrestlers have shorter carries in the industry cause more likely then not, they are going to want to settle down and have families of there own. Who are we to hate on them for that…I’ll miss Eve but she has my blessing. Hopefully this division will get better before it gets any worse.

  • SweeneyTodd

    Divas division from seemingly dead to dead. Let’s face is. Kaitlyn will win the title tonight and AJ at Wrestlemania. After this 12 different divas for the last 13 title runs. Sorry but the divas title is worthless.

    • Spike7000

      So if Layla was the lead then it wouldn’t be ”dead” right?

  • charleshp

    Eve probably loses the title and leaves, Kaitlyn wins and they bring up Paige and Audrey Marie soon.

    • SweeneyTodd

      Audrey Marie had her last match 3 Months ago. Wouldn’t surprise me if we see her not again.

  • Nostalgia

    Lol oh wow. Eve leaves and the division and title is worthless. You people

    • SweeneyTodd

      The title ist worthless since Michelle McCool left.

      • EL ROYALTY

        The title became worthless once WWE gave Eve her second reign and wasted it, much like her first one.

        • GrrMonster

          Honestly, the divas title doesn’t have much credibility at all from start to now.

  • redsandman99

    Possibly losing Eve does suck but I hate the whole “oh the division is dead” stuff that comes up every time someone leaves. They have girls they could call up. They have girls already on the roster that can easily take the ball and run with it if given the chance. They’ve had even thinner rosters than this before. In 1998 the division was Sable, Luna and Jacqueline. That was pretty much it. In 1999 post Sable’s departure, the division was Ivory, Luna, Jacqueline and Tori. In 2005 they didn’t even have the women’s championship on the show in the spring and summer. Trish was out, Lita was injured and Molly, Jazz and Gail were all gone. They had Victoria holding the boat on Raw with Christy and Stacy and then Melina and Torrie feuding on Smackdown.

    • SweeneyTodd

      Years ago the bookers were so much butter. Today the bookers are terrible. Everbody who is not in the title picture is nowhere, accept AJ Lee.

    • Spike7000

      In early 1993, Sherri and Luna Vachon un-officially relaunched the division when they feuded briefly then they started the Womens title tournament in December where Madusa won

      1994 was basically Madusa feuding with Luna Vachon with Heidi Lee Morgan popping in randomly until Bull Nakano arrived plus Leilani Kai was brought back for a few apppearences

      In 1999 after Ivory won the title from Debra. They started a feud with her, The Fabulous Moolah, and Mae Young and that was basically it. Then came the feud with The Kat plus B.B was put in the division. Jacqueline and Tori were duking it out in WWE’s old shows like Heat for example

      After the dark month of November 2004, going into 2005; Lita was out, Trish faced Molly Holly and Victoria back and forth until she got injured, Molly then left in April. Victoria turned heel and feuded with Christy, and Stacy Keibler and that pretty much was it

  • lucky1now

    Wow I would hate for eve to leave I will miss her

  • VarsityBaseDude

    I am okay with Eve. If she leaves, it is a big lost for the Divas. At the same time though, I think she’s a smart girl. She is leaving at the top of the division. If she stays any longer, who is to say she will not become a jobber. It sucks to see her go, but I completely understand why she would want to leave (engagement, taking care of her body, moving on).

    • VarsityBaseDude

      And lastly, she’s leaving while she’s at the top of the division…

  • TNATaraNonstopAction

    i think the next is Natalya

  • AKA_AK

    If this is true, I’m heartbroken. I loved seeing Eve shine on my Tv Screen every week, she has been my favourite Diva for quite some time, which is why I hope these rumours are false.

    That being said, if it is true, I wish her all the best in what she does, and know for a fact that she’ll be successful in whatever she does, because she really is that sort of woman.


    =\ I can’t say I’m surprised, but unlike everyone else, it’s not because of the state of the division that Eve’s leaving…it’s because look at her life. She’s engaged to be married. She’s headlining her husband’s women’s division program thing, and they’re trying to make their own empire. Eve has done all she could do with the division. She’s held the title as both a face and a heel – she’s been to ‘Mania – she’s main evented RAW. While I loathe the idea of her leaving right after losing the championship because that’s another Top diva lost, I can’t blame her, and I think that her leaving will help cycle in divas like Paige and Summer Rae (as an evil valet for a while), and maybe even Sasha Banks. And then there’s always the possibility that we’ll finally start off the new generation of Divas with some fresher feuds like Kaitlyn v. Tamina and the all anticipated Kaitlyn v. AJ.

    Eve’s departure could be toxic, or it could be enlightening, because it could start up a brand new start for the Divas. We’ll just have to wait and see how they play it after tonight. Hopefully they jump right back into the Kaitlyn/AJ feud, maybe they’ll stall with Kaitlyn/Tamina…hell maybe Queen Alicia will rightfully turn heel. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • fahkyooh

    To be honest, Eve is the only person in a Diva’s match that screws things up, so I’m happy. Look at Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, AJ, Natalya and Layla in the ring. Whenever it’s any one of them, the match turns out amazing. Whenever they throw Eve or Aksana into the mix, it becomes a botch-fest.

    GOOD RIDDANCE EVE! Your mic work was almost as bad and hesitant as your in-ring work!

    • art

      LMAO…i think eve was botchy here & there but not everytime & the only time she was hesitant was that awful moonsault of i kinda agree with you…

    • DivaDestiny

      Talk about reaching, lol.

      • puppies

        You actually have the worst opinions ever. Good luck in life.

  • velvelove

    seriously? shes such a great woman and so sucessful in life, but i cant help feel like this was just a stepping stone to her fame.

  • art

    I wonder how many other divas will leave this year or not…..i dont think eve is a big loss for the division but i do wish her the best but this is a chance for divas like kaitlyn to really step it up & even tamina might get a good push….

  • Ryan

    Aw man I really like Eve but gotta do what u gotta do
    Fact is Ee leaving WILL be a blow to the division
    I can see why WWE is holding off Kate from winning the belt… Guess they want to make it a big pay off which is awesome that they allow this!! Usually E will send a diva into obscurity before realizing them..

    Eve you rock ur sexy and intelligent! Love that devilish smile hehe
    And will be missed :)

    Layla and Eve really stepped up this year so my hats off to them.
    And as did Kaitlyn! Aksana come on baby doll ;)
    Naomi and AJ need to hop on the women’s division as do Natalya and Alicia :)

  • DivaMatches

    im not an eve fan, but im upset she’s leaving because of her importance to the division lately

    hopefully after kaitlyn wins the title tonight (she’s my fave), the her vs aj fued will trigger to keep the division alive

    its also time to let naomi wrestle and call up paige while continuing to build tamina

    the division will be fine as long as its used right

  • magicmike191

    I read on a YouTube description that she is leaving right away and that she is dropping the title tonight. Please don’t be soooo!

  • tnatiffany

    personally i am glad she will be leaving she has a very snobby attitude she trys to do the madison rayne wave and sucks at that its rumored for months now Kaitlyn will get the belt and start feud with aj lee her long time friend. aj as a heel takes the belt at wrestlemania 29

  • Little Red

    Just quietly, my heart will be broken if she leaves.