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Sharmell Praises The Funkadactyls, Michelle McCool, Talks WWE Cameo

sharmellFormer WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Sharmell Huffman has spoke of how much she is enjoying the work of the Funkadacytls, Cameron and Naomi.

Sharmell, who began her career as a WCW Nitro Girl dancer, recently spoke to and praised the work of Brodus Clay’s cohorts, who have started their careers in a similar fashion.

The ‘Queen’ said: “I look at them and I’m like ‘Hey, that’s what I’m talking about!’ These girls are out there jamming, they’re dancing but it’s wrestling and it’s amazing. They guys enjoy it, it’s entertaining, so I definitely feel that it has a purpose. I think that they are doing a great job! I love the costumes, I love the dancing!”

The wife of SmackDown General Manager Booker T also had praise for Michelle McCool, who recently talked about working with Sharmell in an interview on her official website.

Sharmell said of McCool: “Michelle is such an amazing person. I talk or text with her almost everyday. I love her to death! Little know fact, Michelle is the godmother to our twins. So we are really, really very, very close. The first day I met her, we just clicked; I just knew that this was somebody who I would be a life-long friend with.

“She’s an amazing person, she’s an incredible athlete, she’s beautiful inside and out, she’s the best friend anybody could ever ask for! I (knew) she’s going to be an amazing mother. And now lo and behold, Michelle’s a mom and she’s a wonderful mom. It’s almost not fair; she’s gorgeous, she’s sweet, she’s athletic, she’s talented  you know it’s just crazy, she’s just the perfect package. She’ll be in my life forever and in Booker’s life forever.”

In addition, Sharmell also discussed at whether we could see her rejoining her husband on WWE TV in a cameo role.

She said: “I think it would be great. I would love to do a cameo. I loved the whole King Booker/ Queen Sharmell gimmick. I loved working side by side with my husband. and i loved the other people I worked with too; it was really a family situation. So I would love to go back and make a cameo. I still love entertainment and I definitely love sports entertainment. So we’ll see, you know; never say never.”

Sharmell also talked about the state of women’s wrestling today, her role as General Manager of Booker’s ROW promotion and she further reminisced on her debut in the business as Paisley in WCW.

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