Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Knockouts Title Match Set for This Week’s Impact

New Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky will be defending her title just one week after winning it, and she’s battling the former champion.

Tara, who joint holds the record for most reigns with the belt at 5, will cash in her rematch clause in familiar territory, the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Velvet won the championship, her second, in London, England last week after besting the aforementioned Tara, Brooke Tessmacher and Gail Kim in a four-way elimination match.

Tara was eliminated first after being pinned by Gail, yet she didn’t have Jessie at ringside with her, so surely he will be a big factor to consider come her rematch later this week.

Are you excited for the match? Do you think Velvet will retain or will she suffer yet another short reign with the gold?

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