In Video: Mae Young Presented With Divas Championship For Her Birthday

Her 90th birthday party may have been crashed by CM Punk on Raw, but Mae Young has been featured in an adorable video on that shows just how much the company appreciates her. In it, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and COO Triple H present her with a Divas Championship title and proclaim her “forever” the Divas Champion.

Triple H states that the gift was wife Stephanie McMahon‘s idea.

Mae goes on to once again declare that she wants to wrestle on her 100th birthday – and that her dream opponent is none other than Stephanie herself.

In a touching moment, she says, “I love you Vince, you know that.” to which he replies with an “I love you too” of his own.

Check out the video over at and while you’re at it, have a look at photos of her live birthday celebration!

Happy birthday to Mae Young – the oldest living WWE Hall of Famer!

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  • Rhawk

    Mae was never a diva, but its the thought that counts at least, bless her heart.

  • Brandon

    Wow… they couldn’t do something for mae live on a 3 hour show for at least 1-2 minutes….HHH and Vince show respect backstage for her, but then on T.V. they act like they could give no sh*ts about the woman. Sad. All we can hope for on Raw is a diva trend, it worked in the summer when the divas hadn’t appeared. We had #WeWantDivas trend and WWe gave us K2 and Eve. Hopefully next week this works. If WWE doesn’t put divas on raw, why not smackdown? Diva dirt….you should post a short little article to tell the fans to tweet #WeWantDivas next raw???? (just a suggestion lol)

    • Brandon

      Oh and the divas championship isn’t much of a gift lol, it’s barely seen on T.v. -__-

  • art

    I have nothing but love for mae & i hope she reaches 100 & wins the divas title from Stephanie that would be awesome….

  • Brandon

    Just watched the video….I hope Vince and HHH looked very closely at the Divas title and realize that “oh ww are forgetting to put them on tv” —-____—– lol

  • k2evecrew

    This was sweet & I wished they would’ve showed it on tv though . She’s seriously the original true women wrestler (I can’t get myself to call her a diva) . I wish they would’ve done something with kaitlyn

    • Wolverine

      Because Triple H is meant to look like a beast for his upcoming confrontation with Lesnar,Imagine him doing this before his promo…No one would take him seriously

  • jonboi

    THE GREATEST DIVAS CHAMP EVER MAE YOUNG lol they shouldve gave her a womans title instead that pink thing looks like a 8yr old girls toy ohhh wait it is!!!!! Not even a nice thought after the insult they did to her & divas on raw

  • numero47

    Love Mae and love this moment for her. Granted this would’ve been more appropriate last night on Old School Raw but it’s still very sweet that she is still appreciated.

  • Ryan

    Mae Young we love you too!! :)

    And Divas Championship she deserves it I don’t think she was ever Women’s Champion but again, the thought that counts!

  • TCsinger09

    I dont get why this couldn’t have been on TV?? Last year when Mae turned 89 didn’t Vince promise her a match when she turned 90? Where was that match??

    • puppies

      Did you really want an elderly woman like Mae in a match? She’s very fragile, she’d probably break a hip climbing the steps. Besides she already had the closest thing she’ll come to another match with Eve a few months ago for the title, which Eve won by forfeit.

    • redsandman99

      The last time she was physically in the ring wrestling she fell over and judging from the reactions of her team, they about all had heart attacks trying to catch her. If she has anything like a match it would have to be like what they did with her and Laycool and have the other divas beat thm down and give her some kind of pin. She’s got a hell of a spirit but she’s way past the point of being able to remotely do anything majorly physical.

      • art

        mae’s fragile really?? shes gone through tables in her 80′s…i bet she’d take another table in a heartbeat….

      • Raekon

        She has problems to keep her balance when things are going too fast in the meantime which its natural for someone in her age.

        So a match wouldn’t be a great idea unless they make a tag team in which a other diva does the job and tags her in for the pin.

  • Spike7000

    Another New Diva has been signed which WWE has signed 21 year old Sarah Backman just recently. Backman is a bodybuilder and a multi-time champ in armwrestling. Backman was signed at the Arnold Expo this past weekend which Triple H coincidently was there. Backman has a similar physical look to Chyna and Beth Phoenix

    • shameronstar

      So Lauranitis likes bikini models and HHH likes bodybuilders! At least the women he signs look like wrestlers though because between her, Anya, and Kendall the divas will look and maybe act more badass!

      • Spike7000

        Yeah he liked signing bikini/glamour/Playboy models to even signing guys who were just bodybuilders to now Triple H signing independent pro wrestlers and athletes who have an amateur but legit background in other related sports

        • Jcott3

          HHH’s philosophy is very similar to the way Jim Ross went about it – find people with legit athletic backgrounds. John Laurinaitis preferred to go after people who had “the look” (models for the women, bodybuilders for the men), then try and train them to wrestle.

        • art

          shes very pretty & looks closer to beth then chyna….

  • puppies

    Aww that’s the cutest thing in the world. Mae is finally a ladies’ champion in the WWE. I wish Kaitlyb would’ve been present since she is the champ, but still very nice.

  • puppies

    Also, I’ve noticed in non-wrestling segments Kaitlyn doesn’t have the belt. She should carry it with her everywhere, that way it would like like it means something to HER at the very least.

    • k2evecrew

      I’ve seen her with it in some pics with fans , I’m not sure if it was at a actual autograph signing though

      • puppies

        I mean like on TV. Like she didn’t have it on Main Event, or on RAW last night for Mae’s celebration.

        • Kayfabe!

          Really! If I was divas champ I would wear it like an accessorie! I would constantly have it on me! It’s like oh well, it’s around somewhere!

        • redsandman99

          I noticed she didn’t have it during Mae’s celebration but Daniel Bryan didn’t have his title with him either so I didn’t think much of it.

  • shannymac

    Aww…Mae is such a legend!

  • Kayfabe!

    This makes no sense!!! How are they giving the title to Mae? Is it a copy? Or the actual title?

    They should have gave her the women’s championship! It had more prestige than the divas title!

    • redsandman99

      Vince said right in the video that they had the belt made for her.

  • divaindemise

    This was incredibly sweet, and somewhat affecting given the undeniable fondness of which Vince interacted with Mae Young. And wow, 90 years young! :)

  • mpezza

    Aww, Vince was so sweet in this video! He obviously cares a lot about Mae and they have a lot of history together. Its so nice to see him acting normal. And bless Mae, she looked so happy. I hope she does make it to 100, I wanna see that match!

  • aldo

    The segment was sweet. Mae will always be the greatest. I hope we can watch her match against Stephanie.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    Awh, That Was So Heartwarming.

  • melina prez

    Thats actually realyl sweet!

  • Raekon

    All the best for Mae and I really hope her dream comes true and she becomes 100 and gets in a tag team match in which she gets to pin the opponent for the win. :)

    I thought her birthday was later but happy birthday anyway!

    Most of all lots of health!

  • light_it_upAJ

    I believe Mae’s actual B-Day is this Tuesday, the 12th. They may do something for her after the SD tapings on Tuesday.