Kendall Skye Added to NXT Roster

New Diva signee Kendra Smith has officially been added to the NXT roster page under her ring name, Kendall Skye.

Skye, who was revealed to be signed by the WWE last month, is descrbied as a former All-American athlete, professional dancer, skilled martial artist and Hollywood stuntwoman.

It also mentions that she not only received a BFA degree from New York University, but also served as the Valedictorian of her class.

You can check out her profile in full by clicking here.

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  • shameronstar

    Wow, extremely impressive resume! It might be pre-mature to say this but given her build and athletic background she could be a modern day Alundra Blayze!

  • GrrMonster

    she looks normal

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Her picture reads HEEL, all over her face, work it girl!!!!!!!!!

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    I think she’d be amazing as summer’s partner in her feud with Paige I would love it to be all like mean girls “the plastic”

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    Man Idk what it is about this girl but I get really good vibes from her.

  • Lushh

    She’s stunning. Now this is one NXT Diva i have high hopes for.

  • Lushh

    Would love to see her and Summer Rae take on a “Lana Star” type gimmick from WOW. I think they could pull it off.

  • DJ8946

    She looks like Taryn’s hotter older sister!

  • MissDaiisyy

    I can’t wait to see her first match! :D