SmackDown Redux (March 29th, 2013): AJ Takes on Her Ex-BF and Ex-BFF

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux!

After clashing on his past week’s Monday Night Raw, former best friends AJ Lee and Divas Champion Kaitlyn face off once again on the blue brand in tag team action. AJ is teaming up with her current boy toy Dolph Ziggler, while Kaitlyn has enlisted the help of AJ’s former flame Daniel Bryan. Will the champions come out on top or will AJ and Dolph overcome AJ’s League of Not-So-Evil Exes? Check out the match below:

We come from break with Team Showoff already in the ring. Kaitlyn and Daniel are out next, accompanied by Kane. As the champions head to the ring, we’re treated to a video package showing the history of these two teams in the past few weeks. With both teams in the ring, the official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

The guys start of the match, but Kaitlyn quickly tags herself in and goes straight after AJ. The referee pulls Kaitlyn off of AJ, allowing AJ to take advantage with a roundhouse kick to the face for a nearfall. AJ follows up with a couple of neckbreakers, but ges another two count. A cocky AJ pulls the Divas champion to her feet and come charging off of the ropes, but is turned inside out by a shoulder block from Kaitlyn, who quickly tags in her partner.

After some more back and forth between the men, Dolph tags in AJ, who attacks Daniel Bryan outside of the ring. As the guys brawl outside of the ring, Kaitlyn tries to pull AJ inside, but AJ hotshots her on the top rope. AJ climbs into he ring to finish off her opponent and eats a spear fom Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn pins AJ to pick up the win for her team and gets revenge for her loss Monday night.

Thoughts: First of all, let me just say how refreshing it is to see four wrestlers who actually follow the rules of a mixed tag match. It annoys me to no end to see Superstars and Divas waiting the other team to make a tag in these matches. Anyhoo, on to the match…

I actually really enjoyed this match. If we’re talking strictly in ring performance, all four competitors did great. However, I want to focus on the storyline.

I know everyone is really excited about the prospect of Kaitlyn vs AJ at WrestleMania in any capacity, I really feel like it’s a case of “Too little, too late”. While I am happy with this storyline for the most part, with ‘Mania right around the corner, I feel like it’s moving at a breakneck pace in order to get Divas on the card. If WWE wanted to have AJ and Kaitlyn feud and face off at ‘Mania, this should have (and could have, honestly) started a long time ago. I don’t mean to complain so much, but it just feels like what could be a fantastic rivalry is going to be cut short, and I can’t say I’m happy about that.

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  • Ace Of Base

    I’m surprised that this write up is very short. I think that there is still a slight chance that they’re going to be added to the card. Remember in 02 and 03 the divas were literally added to the card the week of Wrestlemania. Jazz, Lita, Trish were announced during a tag match for the divas, while Trish and Jazz had a short number 1 conternder’s match. There may be a slight chance and I’m sure the girls will do a fine job. AJ has grown a lot and Kaitlyn becomes more and more passionate and refined by the week.

  • i22

    Though it was fairly short it was a great entertaing match. Dolph and Daniel are two of the best in ring performers in WWE currently so its always awesome watching them mix it up. As for the girls, AJ did her thang. Shes turning into a mini Dolph, that double neckbreaker had Dolph written all over it. Her selling is awesome like Dolphs aswell, she sold the hell out of that spear.

    As for mania, if these two do get a match which I dont see happening I dont see why they cant continue the fued after Mania. As I said Id rather them just be valets for Mania and have them enter a several month fued with AJ winning the belt at one of the summer PPVs.

  • DJ8946

    Well while I agree that they did start it late at least this feud while continue until at least Extreme Rules & they are still early in there careers so they will have plenty of time to feud. & The match was chaotic & I loved it. It was also nice to see that AJ kept that spinning heel kick but Summer Rae will probably have to change her finisher.

  • charovnica

    This was entertaining.Even though it was short,the spots in it were great and I liked the spear at the end.I’m liking what WWE gave us this week!

  • KaitlynLover<3

    The match was entertaining but I would like that the girls got a little more time. I´m really excited for this feus, and I hope that this turns into a Winner Takes All Match. AJ even won a poll on with 70% of the votes, where they asked against who should Kaitlyn defend her title.

    By the way, no one can sell the Spear like Eve Torres, it was pure perfection xD

  • MiPiMafia

    Uusally in tag matches, its the men that seem to get more attention, but I felt that this match was more focused on Kaitlyn/AJ than the guys which was great.

    I can guarentee that at Wrestlemania, Kaitlyn will be apart of this somehow. She’ll either:
    -Be in the champs corner to keep an eye on AJ
    -Turn the match into a 6 mix tag winner takes all
    -Kaitlyn vs AJ for the Divas title.
    -Kaitlyn will run down the ramp and attack AJ as she’s getting involved.

    It’ll deffiently be one of them 4 options. If they aren’t going to involve Kaitlyn in the tag match at ‘Mania, why would WWE involve her this past Monday RAW. If she’s isn’t involved or gets her own match with AJ at Mania, then I can’t understand why they have started this now. WWE will pick up the division slighty after Mania. If they did make the match a 6 mix tag, that’ll be 2 mix tags we get at Mania and honestly, i’d be happy with that.

    • charovnica

      I agree! Seeing how here they were the main focus I can see them being involved at WM somehow.

    • Lily

      I’m okay with any of the four options happening.

  • jtiera

    That spear and the selling of the spear enough said… I hope this feud is lengthy. At ER I want to see a hardcore match or something anything tbh

    • KaitlynLover<3

      What does tbh means?

      • Lily

        to be honest

        • KaitlynLover<3

          Thanks ;) That are a lot of abbreviations in english that I don´t understand xD

  • gl83

    I don’t think this feud is going to be cut short(at least I hope not). In a recent interview didn’t Chris Jericho say that the origninal plans for him were suppose to be a mixed tag match. And considering the exchange between Ziggler and Jericho before EC, it would be safe to assume that the match would’ve been Ziggler/AJ vs Jericho/Kaitlyn. So, I think AJ/Kaitlyn will continue after WM.

    Maybe AJ continues to go after Kaitlyn for meddling in affairs that don’t concern her. Showing that she’s, in AJ’s warped mind, still jealous and unsupportive of her.

  • Juelez

    For the amount of time it was a great match. Its crazy how a couple of years ago how they started out in nxt then becoming DOD personal job squad to becoming the faces of the diva divison! I cant wait to see where they take this next and how they are going to implament the two at mania this year. *^^*

    • gl83

      If WWE plays it right, and continues this feud after WrestleMania and beyond. These two(AJ and Kaitlyn) could be the first spark in igniting a Diva Division renaissance.

  • Ryan

    Really good match!! Kane still love him sice 1999!!!
    A DB and Kate rock too
    AJ got split in half haha!!

  • GailKim95

    I loved the match. Hopefully AJ and Kaitlyn get their own match at Mania but I would be happy if they had a winner-take-all match with AJ and Kaitlyn added to the teams.

  • AdrianRay

    The common audience is really starting to take to Kaitlyn! I am so happy for both her and AJ! I remember last year when AJ was sky rocketing I was like, “Poor Kaitlyn. I wonder how she feels about her friend surpassing her by, like, a million miles…” Then Kaitlyn started becoming such a entertaining part of the Divas division while AJ sunk into needless gibberish. Now they are finally on a common ground, feuding like they should be. It’s just so surreal! Proud of them!

    • let the pigeons loose 12

      OMG remember that everyone was like KAITLYN won NXT it should be her funny how things work out

      • KaitlynLover<3

        I was routing for Kailtyn on NXT xD I don´t know why but I just fell in love with her xD

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    I actually think come extreme rules these girls are gonna turn the roof of the place love love love this feud shame they dropped Layla’s heel turn thou.

  • Melissa

    I still can’t believe that my beloved NXT3 girls are going to be at WM :”((((

    Idk, it’s just so weird seeing Naomi, AJ, and Kaitlyn be at the top of their division. Soooo happy it’s finally happening <3

  • divaindemise

    Good. Kaitlyn is rightfully hanging with the most relevant Diva right now. I still would rather wait until next year to see a WM match as I think one this year will be disposable with a lack of proper build. This year I would just give them a good interference spot in the men’s match. But either way I’m happy for Kaitlyn. She deserves more spotlight.

  • K2Evefan

    Ugh I hate when the videos posted are private I cant wver watch them :-(

    • KaitlynLover<3

      Don´t worry, you´re not the only one :`(

    • Getdownwithachola

      Go on dailymotion, but it dosn’t work for phones.

      • k2evecrew

        Daily motion works with my iphone , u can catch the part of the matches from raw & smackdown on wwe app but not the whole match

        • Ace Of Base

          Dailymotion also works on androids, I have one and Im always watching DivaDirt redux videos during my breaks.

  • Nostalgia

    I think at wrestlemania they should have a number one contenders match or like a divas version of money in the bank (Natalya, Naomi, Aksana, Layla, Tamina, AJ) and AJ wins.

  • CrayJ29

    I really like how Aj lazly sits in the ropes before a match. I pray the divas get added to the card. It would show that the wwe has faint in the girls.

  • wwestarlee

    For those who care Renee young formerly Renee Paquette Made her Smackdown debut last night interviewing Randy orton,Big Show and Sheamud

    • KaitlynLover<3

      I saw that too, but I really don´t care about her xD

      • Kim099

        I do love her

        • wwestarlee

          Same here Renee is amazing esp on twitter

  • mykel1990

    The match was short, sweet, and to the point. No complaints.

  • Raekon

    The match was good and served its purpose. The focus was more on the girls which was a great thing.

    If the WWE FINALLY keeps up with this and lessens the restrictions, the divas division can finally pick up again and give us wonderful moments we were longing for a long time now. :)

    Renee was great aswell!

    First introduced the world tour and then did also backstage interviews.

    Also can’t wait for the NXT redux, Bobby is probably totally excited on how good the match and the audience was. :)

    • KaitlynLover<3

      I also can´t wait for the redux, because that match was awesome, probably Kaitlyn´s best match to the date!

  • Getdownwithachola

    Its always a pleasure watching Aj Lee wrestle sadly I can see her amazing selling skills being held against her and will be jobbing to divas much like Alicia Fox.

  • Ryan

    I also gotta say, the Kate and AJ added to the men’s match felt special too!!
    I know a lot of praise goes to Kelly for “defending” the world heavyweight championship
    But the Kelly and Edge duo vs LayCool and Ziggler tbh really didn’t seem special to me at all, fact is I’m a huge Edgehead and LayCool fan and even them being on the match didn’t do it for me

    Here! AJ and Kate feels awesome! Almost has that Lita and Trish teaming with Triple H and Rocky feel to it!
    All of them here have a connection all have history
    And strangely it revolves aroun AJ :D
    Kate being her former best friend from NXT and Smackdown
    Kane being her former lover
    DB the man who fucked up AJ and turned her into this broken thing she is now,
    This all began last WrestleMania

    And again it comes back a year later and all comes down to AJ

    A few people missing in this plot.
    Vickie Guerrero: AJ took Ziggler from her
    And CM Punk

    This whole storyline al makes sense and comes well put together.. I don’t give wwe credit I give the credit to all the wrestlers involved! They make it work!

    And congrats to Kaitlin who has come a log way since her NXT days
    I loved her from the start! At first it was how hot she is, then it was how chill and down to earth she came off.. Then watching her take a nasty kick to the face from Michelle McCool and selling it and taking it like a champ.. She earned my respect B-)
    Kate Layla and Eve gave us probably the best storyline and wrestling in a LOOOONG time since the days of failure from Maryse Kelly and Divas of Dumb
    While maybe as champ she has fallen into a bit of obscurity thanks to bad and rushed booking, Kaitlyn still has history and a connection with all here involved and glad she’s the top diva as champ!
    Now I really can’t wait until AJ and Kaitlyn really get down to business!!

  • She-Wolf

    The Kaitlyn/AJ feud dynamic has so much potential. It could really be the new Trish and Lita dynamic. Would like to see both as faces and heels, tag partners once again and back to bitter enemies.

  • flash1086

    AJ took the converse idea from Trish.