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Will Trish Stratus’ WWE Hall of Fame Induction Air on TV?

trishWith so many big names on this year’s WWE Hall of Fame bill and only a one hour slot for the TV broadcast, the drama behind this year’s Hall of Fame is proving to be more interesting than any of the company’s current storylines.

Allow us to recap… Based on TV promos inserted on WWE programming as late as Wednesday’s episode of WWE Main Event, the three inductions that were planned to air on USA Network’s broadcast of the ceremony next Tuesday were Bruno Sammartino, Donald Trump and a little someone you may have heard of by the name of Trish Stratus. Other inductees, of course, include Mick Foley, Bob Backlund and Booker T.

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Of course, WWE only ever airs three inductions on its TV special each year, but with so many big names entering the Hall of Fame this year, someone was bound to feel slighted. And that they did. WWE legend Mick Foley and his vocal fans aired their disgruntlement at his omission from the broadcast all over social media this week, and the former champion hinted that WWE had reversed its decision and would be airing his induction after all.

However, it now seems as though WWE will be airing bits of every Hall of Fame induction based on the wording of its latest WWE.com article, which states: “Fortunately, you can tune in to USA Network two nights after WrestleMania and take part in the celebration of each individual.”

As of now, Trish’s induction — along with all of the others — will air on USA next Tuesday at 10pm ET.

Visit Diva Dirt tomorrow for live by-the-minute coverage of Trish’s induction at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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