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Live Coverage: Trish Stratus Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

trish-hall-of-fame-wweDiva Dirt presents live coverage of Trish Stratus‘ induction into the WWE Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Diva Dirt’s Erin and Cryssi are on hand at the event providing updates.

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Stephanie McMahon takes the stage to induct Trish Stratus, and pays homage to all the interaction Trish had with her family. Steph says they are some of her favorite moments on TV. Stephanie puts over Trish and her career and says Trish always made people feel how she wanted them to feel. She put over Trish’s 2004 Raw main event with “another great Diva”, Lita. Stephanie says Trish is the first Diva to compete in five WrestleMania matches and according to Trish, she may not be done.

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Trish comes out and says Stephanie is a great friend, mother and businesswoman. Trish says the last time she was at MSG, she was making her final bow on Raw and now she’s back with bling. Trish does a little comedy bit, rolling out a huge long list of people to thank. The crowd is really loving her as she thanks the fans first. Trish makes fun of the fact she was so bad when she started in WWE and says the crowd literally watched her grow up. She smiles cheekily and says she hopes we were all Stratusfied. Trish thanks former WWE Canada president and her trainer Ron Hutchinson. Trish mentions that Edge, Christian, the “beautiful” Beth Phoenix and the “great” Gail Kim trained at Sully’s Gym. She then thanks Jim Ross. Trish pulls out the pen gave her to sign her first WWE contract out of her cleavage and tells the camera to get a close-up. She jokes that she’ll cover up the F in WWF so the “pandas don’t get pissed off”. The crowd goes nuts. She then thanks Fit Finlay for everything he did for the Divas and making it the golden era. Trish says Molly Holly, Ivory, Jazz, Victoria, Mickie James, Jacqueline and her bestie Lita made the golden era. She tells Lita how much she means to her and says I love you. Lita looks like she is tearing up. She thanks the other girls for building something special and says working with the McMahons pushed her to be better because it was so much pressure. Trish says she brought 25 Greeks from Toronto with her and thanks her family for always supporting her. She thanks her mom and says one of the reasons she retired is because her mom was diagnosed with cancer and she needed to be there. Her mom is now cancer-free. Trish thanks her husband Ron for always being there and the crowd boos him, but she threatens the crowd for booing her man! Trish says she’s so in love with her husband and she’s so glad to share her WWE career with her high school sweetheart. Trish announces she’s pregnant saying she’s going to be delivering some Stratusfaction in September. Crowd changes towards her husband and now cheering him.

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