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    Raw Redux (April 8th, 2013): AJ Witnesses a Cash-In, Naomi Gives Cody a Bashin’

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    What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Raw Redux. I’m taking over for Cryssi this week as she was live at Raw and was part of the amazing Fandango theme tune singing crowd and she’s travelling home today, so I’ll bring you the majestic festivities that occurred last night instead. The Eight Person Mixed Tag Team match that was cut from WrestleMania was featured tonight, and although half of it was on the WWE App, I have all of it here for you today. In addition to Cameron, Naomi, Brie and Nikki‘s match, AJ Lee accompanied her man Dolph Ziggler to the ring when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Whilst she didn’t do a lot, it is a magical moment that we all must witness again. Let’s get this redux on the road!

    To catch the first half of the Planet Funk vs Scholars/Bella match, click here and you’ll be transported to WWE’s website. No idea why it’s not on the Youtube channel but nevermind. Then ignore the waffle Matt Striker says and skip to 0:45 and you’re set!

    Skipping the very brief encounter between Brodus Clay and Cody Rhodes, we see Cameron and Brie Bella (the Bellas will tweet me to correct me if I’m wrong, think I’m right this time though) face off. Cameron slaps the taste out of Brie’s mouth before Brie retaliates by ramming Cameron towards the corner. Cameron is perched on the top rope and get a taste of her own medicine in a slap, yet she then manages to hurricanrana Brie to get a one count. Brie immediately fights back by stomping on the Funkadactyl’s back. The crowd begin to chant “WE WANT PUPPIES” and this makes me reminisce on Torrie Wilson‘s dog Chloe and Rene Dupree’s dog Fifi, and how I think a dog vs dog feud was a missed opportunity for WWE.

    Nikki Bella tags her way into the match and her and Brie double team Cameron in a catapulting fashion. Nikki goes for the cover yet Cameron kicks outs and then proceeds to ram Nikki into her corner. Naomi makes the tag and the funky duo perform a double suplex. They then land a double split leg drop yet it’s only enough for two. Nikki then hits Naomi with a stiff jawbreaker and starts too wrench her head and neck with a submission. Now we’re switching from Active to Raw so watch the remainder of the bout in the video below!

    We’re back on Raw and Naomi has gotten herself out of the submission and has clocked Nikki with her ‘Rear View’ butt bump. Nikki then tags in Cody, meaning Naomi must leave the ring. She doesn’t leave without making a statement though, hitting Cody with a stunning hurricanrana. The Bellas then get involved later, double butt bumping Tensai (what is it with Divas using their bums as weapons?!) The twins then make their presence felt again by breaking up a pin attempt from Brodus yet the Funkadactyls see them off, Lou Thesz-ing them out of the ring. In the end, it’s Planet Funk who pick up the win!

    Also, check out AJ accompanying her man Dolph Ziggler when he wins the World Heavyweight Title!

    Thoughts: It was really good to see WWE give the Bellas and Funkadactyls their chance to shine after it was unprofessionally taken from them as it was cut from WrestleMania. To be honest, in hindsight, they’ll be happy it was as the crowd were incredible last night. I love how Naomi was able to mix it up with Cody Rhodes, and I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before she is mixing it up for the Divas Championship.

    The natural next plan for the butterfly belt will be to have Kaitlyn feud with AJ. With AJ’s boyfriend getting gold, I’m sure AJ will want to get her hands on some silver with pink bits. From there, Naomi could be added to the mix and we could have an NXT Season 3 feud. These three girls were the top 3 on the show and there is so much history there, which I would love to see revisited. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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