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6 possible RAW women’s championship matches at WrestleMania

The "Showcase of the Immortals" WrestleMania is fast approaching and the RAW Women's Championship scene is wide open. As SmackDown confirmed their women's championship match, RAyet to...

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Impact Write-Up (May 2nd, 2013): Taryn Eats Some Defeat, but There May Be Dissension in the Ranks


Hello, hello Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s write-up! It’s a lovely day here in merry old England and I’m in a great mood. But enough about me! Last night saw Mickie James and Taryn Terrell take on the devilicious duo, Gail Kim and Tara. After defeating both Gail and Tara in singles bouts over the past couple of weeks, Taryn went into this match looking pretty confident, and with Mickie by her side surely nothing could go wrong, right? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Our first glimpse of the Knockouts is backstage, where we find Gail and Tara complaining about the fact that since she was signed to the roster, Taryn has been the centre of attention. They’re fed up with it, Gail especially. She claims that the only person who should be in the spotlight is the ‘greatest female wrestler of all time’; her! Tara doesn’t look convinced, but Gail doesn’t notice. Determined to put Taryn in her place, Tara says that she’ll see Gail out in the ring. Once she’s gone, Gail says that she herself will be the one to score the victory. Hm. Is that some dissension I’m sensing back there?

A little while later, the Knockouts match is up. Out first is Gail, followed Tara who just oozes badass-ness (is that even a word?). They await the arrival of their opponents as we see that ODB is our referee once again. Taryn is out first, ever energetic. I still can’t stand her ring attire, but it is somewhat better than her outfits from WWE. Mickie follows her out. I love her hair. The Hardcore Country star laps up the audience’s applause as Tara and Gail have a slight disagreement over who will start the match with Taryn. ODB calls for the bell and we’re underway. Unable to agree, Tara and Gail both head for Taryn in a two-on-one attack. Mickie comes in to even things up, and after she and Taryn gain the upperhand, they send Tara and Gail into one another in a ‘meeting of the minds’. Ouch.

Tara and Gail head to the outside, disagreeing over something again, and Taryn takes the fight to them with a kick. They both go down hard, and Taryn flings Gail back into the ring. Taryn delivers a clothesline to the corner, then follows it up with a take down as Mickie blind tags herself in. She runs the ropes and hits Gail with a low drop kick. She goes in for a pin attempt but gets a two. Mickie locks in an armbreaker on Gail, trying to wear down her opponent before she can really get started in the match. Good tactics. Gail manages to get her foot on the ropes as Taryn and Tara shouts insults at each other across the ring.

Mickie and Gail go back and forth with some forearms to the face. It’s Gail who gets the upperhand this time around, and she sends Mickie to the mat with a low kick. She comes at Mickie again with more strikes to the face, but Mickie eventually fights her way out and hits an enziguri on Gail. Saaaaaaweet. I like an enziguri, Mickie tries another pin attempt but it’s not enough. She tries a Mick-A-Rana but Gail reverses before she can hit it. Tara tries to interfere but Mickie sees her off. She took her eyes off Gail though, and then she’s sent flying to the outside. Ouch.

Tara picks up the country music star and throws her back in to Gail, who delivers a big clothesline to her opponent. She tags in Tara, and they double-team Mickie in the corner. Oh my. Ouch. Tara has the advantage as she locks Mickie into a bridge. Taryn comes in, having had enough of the other two, and breaks the bridge. She’s sent back out by ODB and Gail is tagged in again. She takes control but Mickie comes back out of nowhere and nails a second Mick-A-Rana! But then they both go for a crossbody in the centre of the ring, and they’re both knocked right back down. Taryn gets the crowd behind Mickie and she makes the tag, just as Tara comes in after a tag from Gail!

Taryn and Tara go at it, with Taryn getting the upper hand as she’s fresher. She hits some nice clotheslines and a back elbow, then a suplex. Simple yet effective. She climbs the top rope. Last time she tried this on Tara she missed, but this time she hits her target! Taryn goes for the pin but Gail saves the match for her team. It all gets a bit chaotic then as Mickie comes in to even the odds. She knocks Gail down, Tara knocks Mickie down and then, out of nowhere, Taryn pulls Tara into a roll-up for the three count! Donezo!

But Gail and Tara are not going to settle for that. They attack again as Taryn and Mickie have their hands raised. Mickie and Tara fight all the way to the back, but Gail has Taryn in the ring and is beating on her pretty hard. She catches her with the Eat Defeat! If that wasn’t enough, she drags Taryn over to the corner and applies the figure four leg lock around the steel post! That has to hurt!

ODB sends Gail to the back and Taryn is tended to by some other referees. Nothing like a sore loser, ‘ey?

Thoughts: Not a bad match by any means, but it wasn’t my favourite. I’m not sure what, but something about it just didn’t sit right with me. I was pretty sure we’d get a Taryn/Mickie victory, so I’m glad we got Gail and Tara coming back for more afterwards. It’s nice to see that the Gail/Taryn feud isn’t totally done, but I have to ask where it’s going to go from here. We’ll just have to wait and see!

It was interesting to see Tara and Gail going a bit downhill, and hopefully that’ll continue too. I also want Mickie to turn heel really bad. But again, we’ll see!

That’s all for now, folks! Eleri out!

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