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    Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 10”

    Shine10_posterDiva Dirt presents live coverage of “SHINE 10”, airing on iPPV tonight. The show includes the final four qualifying matches of the SHINE Championship Tournament, as well as Jessicka Havok putting her own tournament spot on the line against Portia Perez.

    SHINE 10 comes to us live from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida and starts at 9pm Eastern. Order the event by clicking here.

    Live results of the show below. Click refresh for updates:

    All times are GMT

    01:55: The stream is up and running. Let’s go!

    02:03: We’re off! Lenny Leonard is in the ring to start proceedings. He introduces Daffney, who will be appearing in her new managerial role tonight.

    02:05: Daffney has the mic. She talks about the past year in SHINE, and how proud she is of the progress the company has made. She says, however, that some of the women on the roster need a dose of Vitamin D – D for Daffney. She calls out Mercedes Martinez, as well as Valkyrie. She then announces her replacement as hostess of the show, SPARKLE announcer Chasity Taylor.

    02:10: Made In Sin make their way to the ring, accompanied by April Hunter. Allysin Kay of the duo will be facing off against Nikki Roxx. Mercedes Martinez joins Lenny on commentary.

    SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Allysin Kay vs Nikki Roxx:

    Kay takes control early, using Taylor Made as a distraction. Kay hits a running knee strike to Nikki, then chokes her on the ropes. Kay Irish whips Nikki into the turnbuckle, then clotheslines her for a two-count. Roxx builds up momentum, with a succession of armdrags before stamping on Kay’s pinkie. Roxx clotheslines Kay, then does a drop toe-hold and a bodyslam for two. While the ref was out of eyeshot, Taylor Made came to the apron and took off her spiked bra and passed it to Kay, who drove it into Roxx’s head for two. Kay now with a cravat into a knee strike, and pummelling Roxx with some hard forearms. The pair trade blows, with Roxx getting the better with a Polish hammer and a fallaway slam for a two-count. Roxx notices Taylor Made’s spiked bra, and puts it on, running into Kay with it. Back in control, Kay responds with a discus lariat for the three-count.

    Winner: Allysin Kay

    02:23: More Valkyrie now, as Ivelisse makes her way to the ring, accompanied once again by April Hunter. The veteran Amber O’Neal follows suit, making her SHINE debut. Dave Prazak is on commentary with Lenny for this one.

    Ivelisse vs Amber O’Neal:

    Amber starts things off with a tackle, following up with a series of fists and a full nelson, into Cattle Mutiliation. O’Neal continues to keep Ivelisse grounded, working her arms. O’Neal misses the clothesline and Ivelisse counters, and we have a stand-off. Ivelisse responds with a kick to the side of O’Neal’s head for a two-count. Ivelisse continues with some vicious kicks for another two-count, followed by a shoulder tackle then driving O’Neal’s head into the turnbuckle and applying a guillotine choke using the ropes as leverage. She releases and goes for the cover, but only a near-fall. Ivelisse now with a front facelock, then an Irish Whip but O’Neal counters and applies a submission of her own on the ropes, before a pin attempt for two. Ivelisse kicks out and hits a lariat for another two-count. Ivelisse drives O’Neal hair-first onto the mat, before continuing the front facelock. O’Neal counters with an STO. We see a short slugfest between the two, culminating in a series of clotheslines and a facebuster from O’Neal for a two-count, then a dropkick to the corner and a Stinkface. Ivelisse counters with a drop toe-hold into the corner followed by a Disdain for the pin.


    Post-match, Made in Sin attempt to beat down on Amber O’Neal, but Santana comes out to make the save. Santana remains in the ring as her match is next.

    SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Santana vs Kimberly:

    The pair lock up, starting things off slowly with restholds. All of a sudden Santana brings out a headscissors takedown as Kimberly lunges. Kimberly rolls to the outside, but Santana applies a baseball slide, sending Kimberly to the front row. Back inside, the pair slug it out in the corner, with Kimberly getting the better with a clothesline, then a bodyslam for two. Kimberly goes for another pin but Santana gets a knee up, hitting a monkey flip. Kimberly hits a monkey flip of her own but Santana lands on her feet and hits a flurry of offense, followed by a snapmare. Santana misses the kick and Kimberly goes for the roll-up, but Santana kicks out and locks in a potential submission hold, which Kimberly escapes. Kimberly hits a powerbomb for two, then goes for a cloverleaf, but Santana reverses into a cross-armbreaker. Kimberly responds with a cloverleaf of her own, but Santana reaches the rope. Back up, Santana hits an Enzuiguri but Kimberly gets up before Santana could hit the Shining Star Press. Santana pulls Kimberly neck-first into the ropes and lands the Shining Star Press perfectly this time for the win.

    Winner: Santana

    Up next is a six-woman tag team match, as Sassy Stephie, Sojo Bolt and Jessie Belle make their way to the ring.

    Sassy Stephie, Sojo Bolt and Jessie Belle vs Heidi Lovelace, Luscious Latasha and Solo Darling:

    Latasha and Sojo Bolt start things off. They square up, with Latasha getting the offense in. Bolt tags in Jessie Belle, and Latasha tags in Solo Darling. Lots of very quick tags here, as Heidi Lovelace and Sassy Stephie enter the ring. Heidi keeps Stephie under control, tagging in Solo Darling and hitting a double suplex, then a double hip toss to Sojo Bolt. Suddenly we have a tug-of-war between the two teams, with Sojo Bolt as the rope. Sojo’s team win the tug-of-war, but Latasha and Solo Darling respond with suicide dives, followed by a crossbody to the outside by Lovelace. In the ring, we see Solo and Stephie in the ring. Solo is kept in the corner of her opponents, with quickfire tags being made. Stephie applies a front facelock on Solo, into a Muta lock. Darling counters with a roll-up for two. Jessie Belle enters, but Solo counters her offense and tags in Latasha, who gets a two-count on Jessie with a crucifix, then another two. Jessie lands a clothesline for two, then pulls Latasha towards her corner, and Sojo hits an elbow from the top rope for two. In comes Stephie, taking Latasha down by the hair. More quick tags by Stephie’s team, keeping Latasha in their corner. Sojo now with a submission hold, driving her knee into Latasha’s back, then throwing her down by the hair. Latasha counters with a knee and gets the hot tag to Stephie, while Sojo tags in Heidi. Heidi lands a clothesline, but Stephie counters the second one with a powerbomb, and Sojo breaks up the pin. Heidi hits the Heidicanrana, but Stephie responds with Kiss My Sass for the win.

    Winners: Jessie Belle, Sassy Stephie and Sojo Bolt

    03:09: Made In Sin make their way to the ring yet again, with Taylor Made in action this time. Leva comes out, dressed as…damned if I know. Cher, circa 1993?

    SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Taylor Made vs Leva Bates

    Leva starts things off with a hard fist and clothesline, followed by some stiff kicks to the mid-section. Taylor rolls to the outside, being consoled by her Valkyrie team-mates. She re-enters the ring, and Leva attacks Taylor with hard forearms to the chest. Leva puts Taylor in the tree of woe, and hits more forearms to the chest, followed by a dropkick to the face for two, but Taylor has an arm under the rope. Taylor’s teammates distract Leva, allowing Taylor to capitalise, stomping viciously on Leva on the ropes, and hitting some stinging open fists to the chest. The pair trade fists in the middle of the ring on their knees, with Taylor ending the exchange with a two-count and an Irish whip to the corner. Taylor applies a spinning toe-hold into a knee-strike to the face, followed by a brace of near-falls. Taylor locks in a rear naked choke with bodyscissors. Leva tries to escape, but Taylor keeps her down, pulling her by her hair. Taylor continues to dominate, until Leva counters her clothesline into an STO to the mat. A succession of kicks from Leva, getting a two-count then driving Taylor into the turnbuckle, hitting a dropkick then a doublestomp from the top rope, but Allysin Kay breaks up the pin. Taking control, Taylor goes for a clothesline but Leva hits a pedigree for two! Taylor hits a neckbreaker in response for two of her own. April Hunter distracts the referee while a chair is thrown into the ring. Taylor takes the chair, but Leva superkicks her through the chair for the pinfall.

    Winner: Leva Bates

    Mercedes Martinez and Mia Yim make their entrances, ready for their qualifying match.

    SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Mercedes Martinez vs Mia Yim:

    Yim going for it early, with a nice series of roll-ups for two-counts. Mercedes slows things down, decimating Mia with a powerbomb. Martinez now with a flurry of punches, followed by some stinging chops for another two-count. Martinez goes for a vertical suplex, but Mia gets her off balance. Martinez uses the ropes, hitting a neckbreaker. Yim responds with some clotheslines and a submission on the ropes. Mercedes escapes, hitting a low running boot for two and choking Mia out on the ropes. Mercedes takes Mia up top, but Mia hits a crossbody in retaliation. Mia lands some kicks, but Mercedes counters them. Mia counters back, locking in the octopus. Mercedes reverses it with a big slam, and charges for Yim, but Yim sends her to the outside. Yim goes for a suicide dive but Mercedes stops it with a hard forearm. Martinez hits Three Amigos, the final one being a vertical suplex for a near-fall. Yim replies with some hard kicks and a lionsault, but Mercedes kicks out. Mercedes hits a wheelbarrow facebuster for a two-count. Yim dodges the clothesline, hits a spinning backfist and a German suplex for two. She goes up top and hits a huge missile dropkick, before going up again. Mercedes rolls out of the way of the moonsault, responding with a Saito suplex. Mercedes goes for the Fisherman Buster, but Yim counters with a roll-up for the victory.

    Winner: Mia Yim

    Mercedes and Daffney stare each other down post-match. We take a short break, as Jessicka Havok’s promo video about her upcoming match plays.

    03:42: Portia Perez makes her way to the ring, looking to take Jessicka Havok’s place in the SHINE Championship Tournament.

    SHINE Championship Tournament Spot on the Line: Jessicka Havok vs Portia Perez:

    Portia is up to something with her “Yugoslavian plane”. It’s quarter to 4 in the morning, I’m not going to try and understand what’s going on right now. The match begins, and Portia lies down, telling Havok to cover her. Havok complies, and Portia reverses with a small package for two. The pair stand off for a while, before Portia goes for another two-count small package. After some more antics, Portia goes for another cradle pin, but Havok kicks out again. The pair shake hands in jest, and Havok kicks Portia to the outside. Portia takes a seat in the front row to recuperate. Back in the ring, Havok Irish whips Portia into a shoulder block, but Portia goes to the outside again. Havok follows suit, catching Portia and throwing her into the ring apron. Havok continues the assault, but Portia counters, driving her fingers into Havok’s eyes. Havok struggles free, and lands some hard forearms and chops to Portia’s chest. Portia dodges the last one, taking control, before Havok retaliates with a headbutt. Havok attempts a powerbomb, but Portia escapes and hits a superkick. Portia gets in the ring while the referee continues the count. Havok enters the ring, and incensed that Portia’s wearing her mask, lands a hard clothesline to take Portia out. Havok kicks Portia into the corner, and stomps rapidly into her chest. Havok hits two huge running boots to Portia’s face then drives her into the turnbuckle. Portia counters with a chinbreaker then an STO. Portia goes for the Superkick, Havok dodges, and Portia spits in Portia’s face. Havok snaps, beating Portia down for a two-count. Havok sets up the Air Raid Crash but Portia counters again. Havok throws Portia into the corner, Portia climbs up top and goes for a crossbody, but Havok catches her and lands the Air Raid Crash for the win.

    Winner: Jessicka Havok

    04:01: It’s main event time! Rain makes her way to the ring, without any of her Valkyrie cohorts with her, as they’re banned from ringside for this contest. Don’t really understand why this is the main event, but whatever.

    Rain vs Angelina Love:

    The match starts off quickly, with both getting some strong offense in. Angelina Love takes control with a snapmare, kick to the back and dropkick for a two-count. Love hits a bodyslam, and we have another two-count. Rain takes Love down and chokes her until the referee breaks it, then sends her to the turnbuckle and lands a forearm and a knee to the back for a one-count. Rain continues to work Love’s back, with hard forearms and Irish whips into the corner, then hard stomps, still taking advantage of Love’s vulnerable back. Rain hits a backbreaker for a two-count, then a sidewalk slam for another two. Rain places Love on the top rope, intending a superplex, but Love throws her down. Rain is resilient though, coming back with a hard forearm. Rain gets Love on her shoulders, but Love counters with a roll-up for two. Rain now with a cravat into a neckbreaker, and we see another near-fall, before she locks Love in a backbreaker rack and throws her to the ground. Love looks in a bad way, but out of nowhere as Rain picks her up she counters into an STO. Love now with a succession of clotheslines, followed by a bulldog for two. Rain goes to the outside, and Love follows her, throwing her head-first to the apron. Off-camera, Allysin Kay knocks out the secondary referee on the outside, then while the main referee is distracted Kay takes out Love, letting Rain get the pinfall.

    Lexxie Fyfe comes out, telling Kay that she knew she was banned from ringside, and that there will be consequences. Kay is suspended from SHINE for 90 days, meaning that she has lost her spot in the SHINE Championship Tournament. An enraged Kay is dragged to the back by security, as the match is restarted.

    Rain clotheslines Love for a two-count. Rain lifts Love up, but she escapes and hits the Botox Injection for the win.

    Winner: Angelina Love

    04:20: Thanks for joining us for live coverage of SHINE 10! I’m off to bed, but check back soon for a full review!

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