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    Raw Redux (June 10th, 2013): Kaitlyn Gets ‘Catfished’

    I know that every single one of us spend a great deal of time talking trash about the ‘E and their treatment of the Divas. We’ve all spent countless amounts of hours wishing, wanting, and praying that some day the company would wake up and realize just how talented their girls actually were and would give them actual storylines and whatnot. If you’re reading this, then you can’t sit there and tell me that you haven’t hope for any of that to happen. I’m guilty. Everyone on the Diva Dirt team is guilty. My entire Twitter timeline is guilty. I’m pretty sure the Divas themselves are also guilty of wanting more. After all, their the ones putting their lives on hold and investing themselves in a business that isn’t always kind to the fairer sex. It doesn’t matter if they’ve come up through the indies, or if they were plucked from a catalouge – every one who steps inside the ring is risking their health and well being. The Divas deserve respect – from fans, their peers, and the business as a whole.

    Slowly but surely we have started to see change in the WWE. The Divas are getting more chances so to speak. Girls are being given non-wrestling roles, they are getting a chance to actually work the mic, and have backstage segments that mean something. When they do get matches, they are getting more time than they have in the past. And, in my opinion, above all else, they are being given a chance to have different personalities, and in some cases, actually play off their real personalities. It’s all positives for the most part. It’s definitelty not perfect, but what is? I’ll gladly watch the baby steps being taken because when big things do happen, they come off almost flawlessly. Last night’s episode of Raw is a great example of this.

    I’m curious. How many people took Kaitlyn‘s secret admirer storyline seriously other than me? You can answer by raising your hands.

    Of course, I mean this figuaratively. I don’t actually expect you to raise your hands. But probably only about half of us even gave it a second thought. Despite being the Diva’s Champion, Kaitlyn hasn’t been on television much and some people could have just chalked it up to the company’s attempt at giving her an actual reason to be on the screens every week. Fair play. Nine times out of ten, storylines like this just fizzle out any way. I certainly didn’t expect it to blow up into probably the best Diva segment we’ve seen in a long time.

    Kaitlyn and AJ Lee have obvious chemistry. They have the history behind them. They have a storyline. Hell, they even have Prince Dawlf in common; he’s kinda, sorta Kaitlyn’s ex-boyfriend. So when AJ finally earned the right to become the number one contender, and Kaitlyn continued to hold the title, we all knew what was coming. I’m not going to sit here and say that the secret admirer thing was obvious. To me, it actually wasn’t until Big E. Langston walked down to the ring. The way they had been interjecting the Bellas into the equation, I honestly thought those two would be behind the mysterious love notes and presents sent to Kaitlyn.

    But it wasn’t the Bellas. It was Big E. Langston, and clearly AJ was the mastermind of the operation. When Big E. walked out in his pimpin’ street clothes, with flowers in his hand I thought to myself, this won’t end well for Kaitlyn. Big E. professed his love to a confused, maybe slightly disappointed Kaitlyn, and even took her in his arms. He dramatically held the Diva’s champ, only to drop her right on her butt with a sadistic little smirk. AJ comes out to the ring, and the promo she delivered was nothing short of amazing. Whether I like what she’s doing now or not (the angle is getting better, to be honest), she’s always put forth the effort. AJ has a passion for the business that a lot of people, male or female, don’t. It was on full display last night and she didn’t hold anything. AJ literally unleashed everything she had been holding back right in Kaitlyn’s face and the champ had no choice but to take it. You kept expecting Kaitlyn to cry, and several times she came close. Her lip was quivering, her eyes were watering, but she held back the tears.

    AJ’s emotions are that of someone who is clearly unstable and she plays it up so, so well. We all know she’s crazy. It’s plain as day. She basically blamed Kaitlyn for not being there for her during all her break-ups last year when we all know that wasn’t the case. Kaitlyn tried to be a good friend, she really did. AJ wasn’t having it. And when Kaitlyn finally snapped last night, it was incredible. The crowd went nuts when she beat the tar out of AJ, and the look on AJ’s face as she made her way up the ramp was amused. These two are going to have one hell of a match come Sunday night at Payback, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I don’t think this feud is over. To be honest, I feel like it’s just getting started. Even if AJ wins come Sunday, Kaitlyn will still get a rematch. And ultimately something will happen between Prince Dawlf and AJ, and she’s going to need someone to turn too. The Chickbusters may actually end up allies again down the line, especially if the Bellas end up next in line for a title shot. It’s kind of already been teased that the Bellas have it out for AJ. But, you know, I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

    Right now, it’s all about Kaitlyn and AJ. And after last night, both of them proved exactly why it should be. They are the best Divas on the roster right now and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they leave it all in the ring come Payback. If both of them are allowed to go out there and work like they’re both capable, it could be the turning point in both of their careers. I really can’t wait.

    Nothing but kudos to AJ and Kaitlyn (and yes, to you too, Big E. for the small role you played!), for what they delivered last night. It made everything else on Raw irrelevant to me, including the McMahon saga. For sure I’ll be back next week continuing that, but as of now this Redux is done. Nothing else needs to be said because Kaitlyn and AJ stole the show last night.

    Oh, and welcome back Prince Dawlf!!!!! Boy were you a sight for sore eyes last night.

    Until next time… Cryssi out!

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