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Trish Stratus Visits ‘The Steve Austin Show’

If you’re not familiar with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin‘s podcast, you’re seriously missing out.

The show, hosted by the six-time WWE Champion, has its own legion of fans, and Trish Stratus got in on the action as a recent guest.

The seven-time Women’s Champion, fitness icon and now WWE Hall of Famer popped in to have a chat with her old friend and fellow Tough Enough trainer.

On the show, Trish talks about her childhood and reveals that she was surprisingly a bit of a nerd growing up, discussing how much she enjoyed science. Not surprisingly, Trish also touched on how she was a bit of a tomboy, always playing with the boys and being active in sports.

The Hall of Famer also talks about her early days in WWE and her experience getting involved with the company. She even jokes around about wearing a “Stone Cold” shirt in her first appearance. She dishes on whether or not she preferred being a heel or a face in her WWE days and reveals how she ended up becoming a heel in 2004.

Austin commends Trish in the interview, recalling her willingness to learn and how she had what it took to be one of the top Divas of all time.

Check out the full interview below:

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