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Mike Bennett Talks Relationship with Maria Kanellis

Ring of Honor star Mike Bennett recently sat down with the Monday Night Mayhem radio to discuss a variety of topics. Among them was his relationship with former WWE Diva and his current valet, Maria Kanellis.

Bennett and Maria became engaged late last year and seem to be keeping a healthy relationship since the announcement.

On his relationship with Maria, Bennett said: “The cartoonish answer is that we are both giant dorks and nerds. I don’t think people realize how big of nerds we are. The truth is that we don’t consider this a ‘wrestling relationship’. We are just two people that really enjoy spending time with each other. We have very strict rules that separate work from our relationship. We are also very respectful and humble of where we are in our relationship. The biggest word that it comes down to is respect.”

We revealed a few months ago that Maria was expected to be involved in a big angle leading up to WrestleMania. Although the plans were scrapped, a lot of fans believed her and Bennett would be appearing in WWE together soon.

On that topic, he shared: “Me and Maria are not a package deal. For some reason, I get people asking if I would only go to the WWE with Maria, and that is not the case at all. She was offered a deal to go back to the WWE back in January. Everything was all set to go, but they told her that they weren’t moving along with the storyline.”

Would you like to see Maria and Mike Bennett in the WWE together?

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