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    FWE Welcome to the Rumble 2 Results: Angelina Love and Winter Victorious in Reunion

    New York-based Family Wrestling Entertainment held its second annual Welcome to the Rumble event last night on Internet pay per view, featuring the reunion of former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Angelina Love and Winter, aka Katarina, and the duo emerged victorious over the team of Maria Kanellis and Ivelisse Velez.

    Check out results from the show below, courtesy of PWInsider:

    [colored_box color=”yellow”]Love tried to do a test of strength with Velez early since she was so much taller. Velez tried to take her down with a waistlock. They went back and forth. Maria tagged in and then tagged back out, preferring to make out with Mike Bennett instead. Velez was not impressed.

    Winter chased Kanellis out of the ring when she finally did enter. Kanellis threw her into the ring post. Velez choked Winter in the corner while Kanellis argued with the referee, distracting him. Kanellis choked her against the ropes and locked in a side chinlock.

    Winter finally used a stunner to break free. Love tagged in and bulldogged Kanellis for a two count. Love slammed Velez for a two count but Kanellis broke it up. She ended up tossed over the top onto the apron, then knocked off to the floor.

    Angelina and Winter worked over Velez and scored the pin.

    Your winners, Angelina Love & Winter.[/colored_box]

    With a star-studded show including the women, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer and John Morrison, it’s no wonder Twitter is abuzz about FWE’s show last night. Find out what all the hype is about by ordering the iPPV replay.