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SmackDown Redux (June 28th, 2013): Anything AJ Can Do, Kaitlyn Can Do Better?


This past Monday on Raw, Divas Champion AJ Lee got in Kaitlyn‘s head once again by dressing like her and making her relive the secret admirer fiasco. Not to be one-upped by the champ, Kaitlyn has a trick up her sleeve as AJ faces off against Natalya in non-title action.

Check it out below:

We kick off the festivities with a recap of AJ’s actions on Raw, which AJ is pretty pleased about. The official is just about to ring the bell when AJ’s music hits once again and out comes… AJ?! Nope. It’s Kaitlyn impersonating AJ, much like AJ did on Monday.

Kaitlyn goes on to spill all the juicy gossip about AJ’s love life, including her rumored relationships with the timekeeper, ringside doctor and… Lilian Garcia?! Scandalous! Needless to say, AJ is not pleased and more than a bit distracted,  but the match starts anyway.

AJ tries to stay on top of Natalya, but the distraction just proves too much and she is quickly rolled up by Natalya. Post-match, the champion takes her eyes off of her doppelganger to argue with the official and Kaitlyn levels her with a spear to end the segment.

Thoughts: While I didn’t hate Monday’s segment as much as some people did, I wasn’t a huge fan of it at all. On the other hand, I enjoyed the SmackDown segment much more. Both Divas played their roles well and put on a entertaining segment.

My biggest question with this storyline at this point is: where do we go from here? It seems like this is going to go around in circles, with AJ and Kaitlyn constantly trying to get into the other’s head, until Kaitlyn gets her rematch.

That said, there are so many more variables to factor in. Will Stephanie McMahon get herself involved? What the hell does Layla have to do with any of this? It just seems a bit jumbled at the moment, but once it gets a bit of direction, this rivalry should be back on track.

What did you think of Kaitlyn’s AJ impersonation? Tell us in the comments!

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