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    Five Teasers for ‘Total Divas’: What to Expect When the WWE Divas Take Over E!

    In exactly one week — that’s seven long days, 168 arduous hours! — the WWE Divas will take over E! with their own (constructed) reality show, Total Divas, and we can’t freaking wait!

    Diva Dirt had a chance to screen the first episode and while we’ll post a full review of the show in the coming days, here are five little teasers to whet your appetite in anticipation of the new show!

    1. “Broadway with bodyslams” | WWE is described, rather aptly, by the Bella Twins as being like an over-the-top musical with extra added kicks and punches, and there is plenty of this in Total Divas. The E! cameras take us backstage at WWE in a way that hasn’t really been done before and while some of the drama is clearly constructed for the sake of the show, it’s still a fun peak behind the curtain!

    2. Ryan Gosling eat your heart out | Perhaps one of the cutest moments of the premiere episode is seeing one of our loved-up WWE couples adorably recreate a scene from The Notebook. Well, if you can’t run into Ryan Gosling’s arms, you may as well run into the strong, muscly arms of a WWE Superstar!

    3. Natalya bites back | It seems Natalya‘s story arc in this show is her being worried about losing her spot on the Divas roster and being overlooked by WWE for the other Divas. Pretty close to reality, right? Even if it’s just being played out for the cameras, we love seeing our favorite third-generation Diva challenge authority and fight for her spot!

    4. This isn’t your grandmother’s John Cena | Forget the John Cena you’re used to seeing (and ridiculing) on WWE television. Total Divas‘ John Cena — beau to the feisty Nikki Bella — may be one of our favorite things about the show. Sweet, caring and sensitive? Swoon!

    5. “We got cut” | The first episode of Total Divas is all about the lead-up to WrestleMania 29 and even takes us backstage at the biggest event of the year. We can’t think of a better way to kick off this show than focusing on the drama that came with this year’s axed Divas match. Poor Naomi!

    Total Divas premieres Sunday, July 28th at 10pm on E!

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