Brie Bella Comments on Her Wardrobe Malfunction on Raw: “You’ll Never See That Again!”

While giving us a sneak peek at E!’s new reality show, Total Divas, on Raw last night, poor Brie Bella gave fans a sneak peek at something she didn’t bargain for, as she accidentally exposed her nipple during an in-ring segment with her cast mates.

Well, horny teenagers around the Internet, we hope you caught an eyeful of Daniel Bryan‘s lady love while you can — because Brie is adamant you won’t be seeing her assets again!

She tweeted:

Perhaps the former Divas Champion was just way too excited for the premiere of Total Divas this Sunday, or she was shocked out of her dress when newbie Eva Marie slapped Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler? Either way, as they say in the biz, all publicity is good publicity, and this surely can’t hurt the hype for Total Divas!

Brie’s wardrobe malfunction follows former Divas Champ Kaitlyn‘s embarrassing exposure just last month.

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  • Francisco

    “Well, horny teenagers around the Internet, we hope you caught an eyeful of Daniel Bryan‘s lady love while you can” this phrase was genius lmfao, well if i were brie i wouldnt say we wont see it again because as last night it was an accident, and it might happen again by accident so she shouldnt see we wont see it again… It looked like she was feeling cold or something ahaha

  • shameronstar

    The irony that the one with the real breasts has the nipple slip! lol I bet Maria was having a field day with this one!

  • art

    LMAO..i wonder how many divas this year will have the same thing as kaitlyn & brie…..
    Wwe is pissed about it too

  • Andre

    I didn’t even notice it.

    • mpezza

      How could you not? That thing nearly poked my eye out.

      • Andre

        I didn’t notice it one because I’m not a horny teenager. Btw I’m not accusing you of being one for noticing though, two I didn’t notice because I wasn’t paying any particular attention to be Brie but the segment as a whole, three Eva Marie’s Ronald McDonald-esque hair was more than enough to keep me from noticing a blink and you miss it nipple slip.

        • Andre

          Four it’s just a damn nipple, really not that serious, lol!

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan


    Second, I didn’t even notice it. Well since the Bellas do everything together, I guess it’s time for Nikki to…slip up…come on girl let’s see if you got your money’s worth!

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Enough with these nipples!! RAW is turning into a Total Divas Nipple Show.

  • jtiera

    I feel bad for her it was obviously and accident, she out here apologizing like she just whipped it out and was like ‘hey y’all watch total divas’ .

  • Monkey Tennis

    Just over a month ago, people were paying attention to the Women’s Division after a great match at Payback and a feud that fans actually cared about.

    Fast forward to yesterday’s RAW and this is the biggest subject of Diva related discussion.


    • charovnica

      So frustrating!

  • joegibson1

    Ouch, apparently this was ordered on Brie by officials because they were apparently furious over it

  • hellaciousheart

    i didn’t even notice. was it that bad?

  • divaindemise

    Just like when Janet Jackson’s nipple stole the limelight from the Superbowl.

  • aldo

    Hahaha and it wasn’t Nikki…

  • charovnica

    Missed it,cause I saw that this segment was airing instead of a productive N1 contenders match,so I skipped.

  • dsan

    Brie Bella keeping it classy. It’s just a nipple. Can we talk about RVD’s nip slips?

  • MrMexican99

    Haha. If you go see the segment on YouTube, you’ll see the Miz staring directly at it!

  • xhz056x

    Why are you even reporting on this? Is this really “news?” Some people didn’t even notice it. This isn’t supposed to be a gossip tabloid rag site… Let’s focus on the wrestling and not T&A.

  • NicoRobin

    I guess the way to solve this problem is by letting the women to wear clothes that less revealing?? I don’t know… just my two cents

  • ed

    heres the clip in hd.