Stacy Keibler Returning to WWE… with Daniel Bryan? (We’ll Believe It When We See It!)


We’re chalking this one down to overzealous reporting to cash in on Stacy Keibler‘s recent media buzz, but for what it’s worth, there’s a silly rumor today that the leggy blonde may be returning to WWE  — on the arm of WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan, no less!

According to British newspaper The Sun, WWE is desperate to lure back the former Diva — who worked for the company between 2001 and 2006 — to capitalize on her high-profile break-up from George Clooney.

And just in case that doesn’t sound at all unlikely, there’s this clincher: Apparently, WWE executives want to pair her with Bryan because he has a wild beard much like Clooney’s character did in Syriana. Wait… OK, that may be crazy enough to come from the brain of Vince McMahon.

A source told the paper: “Stacy is considering lots of offers from WWE to capitalize on her name. She was one of WWE’s most-loved divas and this is the perfect time to get her back, as she has never been more famous than since she dated George.

“They’re convinced a return would attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.”

While we’re not exactly holding our breaths for “She’s Got Legs” to trumpet out of the sound system any time soon, Stacy did talk about her wrestling past in an interview this week, which made for a very interesting listen.

Would you want to see Stacy back in WWE? Would she be a good fit for Daniel Bryan? Do pigs fly? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LuckySeven

    Well I wouldn’t complain if she came back to WWE, but if she doesn’t I wouldn’t be heartbroken either.

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    1.)Stacy is clearly over wrestling! Not saying she’ll never be back, but not in a capacity she was in before.
    2.)She is not THAT big of a star
    3.)Daniel looks like he could be her little brother.
    4.)I thought they were going with The Bellas & Bryan vs Cena & Eva Marie or Nikki & John vs Daniel & Brie.

    • gavin harvey

      never read reports ov eva marie in the storyline but heard its going to be cena and nikki vs bryan abd brie

      • velvelove

        Matty just wants anything with Eva

        • Dylan

          ooooh guuuuuur

        • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

          Actually some websites have reported that, so bye Felicia!


            For once, Matty is actually right, those report exist! You can read it in Website such as
            Divas 365. com and Heartbreaker Community. com

  • gavin harvey

    wood love to see it happen ! but i very much doubt it

  • gavin harvey


  • BarbieBlank

    I want her to come back but I want her to be involved in a meaningful storyline , not some silly relationship with Daniel

  • Rhawk

    Don’t get how her pairing with Bryan would do any good, especially with Total Divas revealing the relationships and stuff of WWE pairs, like Bryan & Brie.
    Even though she was no wrestler, seeing a cameo of Keibler in the WWE would be nice.

  • Kaledrina.

    love her or hate her, she definitely leaped feet first into the george clooney PR pool (he’s said over and over again he doesn’t want kids/to get married again – duh!) and is now milking it for all it’s worth – clever lady.

    • Sarah Connor

      i know right, i’ve always thought she was more than just legs – she’s got brains too. ;) Ps, i love your sexy face.

  • vonVile

    Stacy Keibler has her own TV food show “Supermarket Superstar” on Lifetime Network that premiered this week, she doesn’t need the WWE.

  • Crazy_J

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stacy back for a little while. Granted she was no great wrestler or anything, but she would still get a nice reaction. It would be fun to see what WWE did with her. :)

  • shameronstar

    There’s been so many rumors of former divas returning! I have a feeling at least one of the rumors will come true before this year ends!

  • shameronstar

    What I liked best about Stacy was her entrance it was simple but worked perfectly!

  • Liam ‘

    I don’t believe this. Anyone who lives in UK, like myself, know that The Sun is a newspaper that make up so much horse crap. Stacey could’ve just mentioned something about WWE, they ask her would you go back? She’d say maybe and that her fav superstar right now is DBry and bang!!! They exaggerate

    • Sarah Connor

      The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Mail, The Mirror all as bad as each other. i’m guilty to have read them all at least once and never would i recommend their shoddy journalists for anything.

      i would take this rumour and file it under ‘lazy jounalism’.

  • joegibson1

    Please be true, please be true.

    I wrote this and saw my “human verification” thing was “I think so”. I’m taking that as a sign.


      This “human verification” is SH*T so don’t take ANY of the things write seriously! It’s just a waste of time!

  • jtiera

    If only we could put gifs on ths site.

  • Timalee

    The divas i’d loved to see WWE bring back and stir up the mix is
    1:Victoria – as a wrestler going for the Divas title (2-4 times) and build up it prestige (show aj true crazy)
    2:Cherry -as a valet and wrestler, and win 1 or 2 titles
    3:Stacey Kiebler -as a valet…maybe pull a Debra.
    4:Candice michelle -as a wrestler and divas champ 2 or 3 times
    5:Kharma….we need a big girl in there…give the girls some true competition.


      Is Cherry a good wrestler? I know who she is but I don’t anything about her backgrounds but I always hear goo things about her so I would like to know it.

      • Timalee

        I looked it up and she has had a championship experience…it was some small New Jersey Wrestling organization wrestling and she won the women’s title once…and in the WWE she was building on her wrestling technique..we just didn’t get to see a lot cause she got release after like 2-3 months into actually wrestling.

        I feel Cherry would have been Divas Champion when Maryse had won it…cause her and Cherry would have got into a rivalry. And I could see her also winning the women’s title…Idk how but i could see her winning it during the 2008-2009 times period.

        • BorisG

          Cherry was great. Rumors were that she was released because of her weight. But, in a bikini contest with Maryse, Victoria, Eve and Michelle, you can see how hot body Cherry has.
          And Candice as Divas Champion would be my dream come true. Wish she had a singles match against Maryse, her heel character vs Maryse’s.

    • wwe12divasx

      Am I the only person who doesn’t want Kharma to return, the matches she’ll be in will be squash matches then she will be made a joke out of by being used to put of girls like the bellas due to wwe’s poor booking


        Ok, Thank you :)

      • BarbieBlank

        Knowing wwe kharma would come in destroying everybody , win the divas belt , eventually lose to someone and disappear , then a year later reappear hornswoggle or santino’s girlfriend

        • Timalee

 – you’re very welcome

          @wwe12divasx – I think you might be. I feel the only matches she might botch in are if she is put into a match with Rosa, Aj, Eva, or Jo Jo.
          For the most part, I want Natalya to win the title, Kharma to return and get into a rivalry with her. And win a couple titles..facing Kaitlyn, Tamina,and Natalya.

          @BarbieBlank – Santino is still in WWE? Haha, but I feel WWE is slowly turning around with it divas. We are starting to get some story lines going. At least we have story lines…I remember a time when the storyline were 1 month long and they didn’t really have any effort into them


    Hum, I say YES! to a WWE return but I say HELL TO THE NO if she is pair with Daniel Bryan. After all the Total divas sh*t, he cannot have a girlfriend on TV now. Cena AS A HEEL would have been a better choice!

    + She deserve BETTER than Bryan! I mean, I LOOOOOVE Bryan but it’s Stacy! SHE IS WAAAAAY TOO HOOOOOT for him. She needs a boy who isn’t UGLY and a TOP guy like Orton, Brock or a midcarder guy like Damien, Ted Dibiase as a heel or somebody like this but NOT Bryan!

    • Sarah Connor

      her an randy would be a hot couple onscreen especially now that randy has divorced sam he probably would be interested.

  • Ryan

    Don’t care for Daniel
    But fuck yeah she gots legs!! I wanna see Stacey back!! Fuck the divas division, I don’t care if Stacey brings nothing to the division, AJ and Kate do a fine job keeping it alive, I just wanna see Stacey do her thing again. I loved her sexy walk to the ring man that as silly and PG as it was, was a thing of beauty to see that woman strut her walk and legs down the ramp :)

    I never liked seeing Stacey take bumps specially considering how little she would take, but when she DID take hits, they were some really brutal hard hits, usually from men or Victoria and her man hands!! Hated seeing Stacey get beat up :(

    Much like Maria Kanellis, hated seeing Maria get brutally bet up by a bigger physically dominant chick
    Beth Melina would give her a beating. Michelle would too but with Michelle Maria got to show off her move set at least :)
    Still hater seeing her get beat up yikes!!

    Lets go Stacey!! :D

  • rbax123

    It would be cool if she returned BUT I’d rather see the Bellas against each other between the Daniel Bryan & John Cena match since everybody will know that Brie is with Bryan since ‘Total Divas’ will show their relationship. But Stacy could be with another superstar? Like ZIGGLER! And have a rivalry with Aj!

  • WWE_AJ_Lee

    my question is why do they want to screw with daniel bryan?when anybody who follows wrestling knows he is happily going with brie bella and another question why have you allowed popup spam ads on your site?

  • jadeleela

    I wasn’t the biggest stacy fan, but she had WAAAY more charisma than the bella’s…let’s be honest the bella’s are gonna add ZERO to this fued…i think it’d be funny as hell to see daniel bryan win and then get the girl “so to speak” unless…they go another way and turn stacy heel and have her align with Randy once again (even though he RKO’ed her all those years ago lol) i think it’d be a tad more sense to team stacy up with dbry only to have her betray him when Randy cashes in his MITB briefcase

  • divaindemise

    I get the impression that given Stacy was never passionate about wrestling to begin with and was respectfully open about it being a launchpad to other things, she will not return to WWE full time unless the monies start to dry up. She could, however, probably negotiate a pretty sweet six month deal with them as she crests on the wave of post-Clooney publicity for some extra dough. I wouldn’t mind seeing Stacy back at all, to be honest. Rather that than Maria Menounous anyway.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    I couldn’t see her in the ring again. I could see her as a manager, or in some \official/executive\ role.

  • redsandman99

    If she returned as a manager I wouldn’t care. I highly highly doubt this would even happen though.

  • shane

    **Disclaimer** same comment as Stacy interview just copy & Pasted here to see if anyone wants to discuss my comment. PLZ DO!

    I have a few things to say so I’m just going to bullet point them to make it cohesively better to understand.
    - I’ve never been a Stacy Keibler fan other than admiring how hot she is, but this interview has changed that.
    - The fact that she did a wrestling interview in 2013 after breaking up with George fucking Clooney shows how cool she is. She doesn’t need to be associated with wrestling in any way especially after breaking up with George fucking Clooney, but did a wrestling interview that pretty much summed up her wrestling career.
    - As I said I’m not a Stacy stan so take my word for this as I come with no biases – I think the WWE should throw whatever sum of money at her that she wants and resign her ASAP. She has mainstream buzz right now, she is still hot as shit, and she is probably the most mainstream female wrestling personality besides Chyna.
    - As for re-signing her, they should do a Brock Lesnar deal where they sign her for a year for just TV (no house shows, appearances) and either have her as a Diva that does promotional work (think Total Divas) or possibly as a wrestler but that’s not needed because Stacy isn’t a wrestler she’s a Diva.
    - For anyone that reads my comment and thinks “why would you want WWE to hire a Diva and not a wrestler” because trust me, like you, I love wrestling but Stacy Keibler is above being a wrestler and the WWE is above being a wrestling company. But Keibler can bring WWE what they love most and that’s attention. You can bring Kiebler back as head of the Diva’s division, or an interviewer, a host of one of their network shows, I don’t know but I know they should really strike while the iron is hot and sign her.
    - BTW I would love a Kiebler Diva’s Championship reign (again I am not a crazy Keibler fan, nor am I a fan of the usual Diva types #TeamPaige)
    - Something about this interview made me fall in love with her, possibly the Lingerie match to then talking about having dinner with Barack fucking Obama??? She’s great.

    Side notes:
    1. I remember reading on any of those wrestling dirt sheet sites about how Tara/Victoria has a great reputation because she’s a great person and that’s why you never read any gossip about her on those sites. I tried thinking of any Stacy wrestling gossip and couldn’t think of much and I’ve been a fan of wrestling for a while. The only thing note
    worthy would be her relationships with Test in WWE and David Flair in WCW right?

  • DivaFan4Life

    I think it would be fabulous to see Stacy return! She was one of the most popular divas! I could see her bringing a lot to the table for the audience! I feel they could have stacy fued with the bellas or even just brie for daniel bryan or something.

    But HONESTLY i would love to see Stacy align herself with FANDANGO!! <3 Since she did dancing with the stars it would be perfect! I would love to see her wrestle occasionally! :D I really hope this is true! I think with her popularity should could bring in more viewers!