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Naomi makes a post to honor the last day of Black History Month

With today being the last day of February, Naomi makes a post in regards to Black History Month stressing how representation matters. In the...

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Hot on the heels of Eva Marie‘s exclusive Q&A, the other new Total Diva Jo-Jo has one of her own!

Jo-Jo sat down with and discussed an array of topics, including who she first met when coming into WWE. Regarding that ‘Dungeon Diva’, Jo-Jo said:

“I first met Natalya, and it was like, “Whoa,” because she’s a veteran, and she is where I am trying to be. She’s so helpful, and she knows so much about the business, so it is really an eye-opener. You’re just in awe when you meet her, and you respect her right off the bat.”

As the youngest member of the Total Divas cast, some would say that Jo-Jo has more to learn than anyone else, due to her lack of in-ring and life experience. asked what wisdom Jo-Jo has absorbed so far thanks to the experience. She replied:

“This whole show has really taught me how to deal with this business in general. This is my first time away from home, so constantly being on the road is a whirlwind. I’m learning from all the other Divas, how to respect each other and how to respect all the Superstars — how to shake their hands, to make yourself known in a respectful way and how to deal with this whole traveling thing in general. One of the most difficult parts of the job is traveling. Each day, you just learn how to be yourself and how to incorporate it into your work. Slowly I’m learning, “Oh I might be good as this or I might be good as that.” [The other Divas] have really helped with that.”

So far on WWE TV, we’ve seen Jo-Jo sing Tons of Funk‘s theme song on WWE Main Event. Jo-Jo talked more about her background in singing, which she feels will set her apart from the other Divas. She said:

“I have never been formerly trained. I was in a singing group. We were called Little Miss. All four of us had different voices. I was the crazy power singer; one was very soft, and one was a rapper. Being in that group helped me find my voice, because I would have to match with them, and I would have to sing songs that I’m not used to. It really helped me find out how I love to sing and what I love to sing. I sing and I dance, and that’s something that Divas haven’t really done. The Funkadactyls dance, but singing and dancing together, I think it’s something I could bring and people would be like, ‘Wow that’s really cool. That’s different.'”

Jo-Jo also talks about Divas past and present that she would like to face, her “wild hair” and her desire to be WWE Divas Champion by this time next year. Good luck Jo-Jo!

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

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