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    Bella Twins Talk “Heart Wrenching” WrestleMania Axe, Brie’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Nikki’s Injury and More


    The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki, joined Sirius radio’s Busted Open show to discuss the premiere of Total Divas this Sunday night, and during the discussion, Brie took responsibility for her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Raw this past Monday.

    She said: “Well, the thing is we are PG and, you know, it is a lot my fault. I was taped in. Austin, Texas… the humidity, you know, but that is on me. And of course our company is going to be bummed about it, yes, and I apologized ’cause I was completely embarrassed. That’s not me. That’s the last thing I want the world to see. So you know I was really embarrassed and I think, too, being a woman, that’s the last thing you want. So I was bummed out but you know, hey, show must go on. And you just learn from it and now I’m going to be 20 pieces of taped in, instead of 10.”

    Nikki also opened up about her mysterious leg injury, revealing that she has suffered a stress fracture that worsened over time.

    She explained: “I have a stress fracture in my right tibia. And I’ve already been on crutches for five weeks, I have three weeks left. And then four weeks after that, I’ll just have to be careful with it and see the growth of the bone and what I can do.

    “It was over time. Just wrestling and hiding an injury, which was lesson learned that the minute you feel pain get something checked out. And I just wanted to keep on going and not be sidelined and you get to the point that you just can’t keep going anymore, your leg just stops.”

    The Total Divas stars discussed their new E! reality show at length, with much of the discussion centering on their respective boyfriends, Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

    Both Brie and Nikki feel viewers will see a new side to the WWE Superstars through the show — and worry that their burly co-stars may even show them up!

    Brie said: “I think one thing with Daniel and myself that you’ll see is that I think people are going to be shocked how long we’ve been together and how serious we are. Cause I think… you know, we never came out, we just kind of let our relationship come out as people saw us more together. But I think when people tune in to Total Divas they will be shocked to see how far along and where Bryan and I are at in our lives. And I think the WWE Universe especially will be like, ‘What?!’ and the E! audience will just love it.

    “I totally think that [you’ll see more of Daniel’s appeal] and the one thing is that when the cameras are on with the reality show, I was blown away just how… Like Bryan, the Bryan I know, I didn’t know if people were going to see that when the cameras were on ’cause you never know how people can get. And you will definitely see how charming he is, how sweet he is. There’s something about Bryan that people just can’t help but fall in love with, and it’s cause he is such a sweet, humble person and that really shines through on the show. And I have to say too, he’s hilarious. It’s not just his character on WWE but just alone as a person he’s really funny and they capture that. At times I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you’re showing me up. Like, ‘Hey, this is my show!'”

    Nikki said of Cena: “And I guess with John, you’ll definitely get to see a sensitive side of him. I think everyone’s always seen the superhero, now you’re going get to see him as a real person and in a relationship, so I think the WWE Universe will actually really enjoy seeing that.”

    The Divas also discussed their axed WrestleMania 29 match, which will be a focal point on the first episode of Total Divas.

    They said:

    Nikki: “Oh, that definitely hurt. And what’s great about tuning into Total Divas, especially ’cause I think it’s this Sunday that episode airs, is the cameras were still rolling. They have us walking to gorilla, us getting cut, and walking out of gorilla. They have it all on tape. They have our reactions, how we felt after. They have it all on tape and you’re gonna see it all on the episode.”
    Brie: “And I think people at first were like, ‘Oh was that for the Total Divas show?’ It’s like, no, it absolutely wasn’t.”
    Nikki: “That was one of the worst feelings ever to get. Brie and I have our full top hats and veil and our gloves. We have full like… it was New York so we wanted a Frank Sinatra feel, like ‘New York, New York’ and we had our canes. The minute they told us it was cut the hat started to droop.”
    Brie: “It was heart wrenching.”
    Nikki: “It felt like doing the walk of shame.”
    Brie: “But it was like really… you’ll see on us, it was really hard. It was really sad but we just hope you know maybe we make it up this year. We can have a revenge match in New Orleans.”

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