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Impact Write-Up (August 1st, 2013): And the Winner is… No One?

Hey Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s write-up. Last night ODB and Gail Kim went head to head after a few weeks of tension between the two. ODB has been refereeing the Knockouts matches for a while now, and Gail Kim appeared to have some problems with her doing so. After Brooke Hogan reminded Gail last week that ODB is still an active in ring competitor, we’ve been given a match between the two. So, shall we?

Alright, so first off we get a segment backstage of ODB and her husband, Eric Young. ODB’s excited about getting back in the ring and beating Gail Kim’s ‘patootie’, which I think I spelled right. Eric wants to be there, but he’s got a full plate tonight. Never mind! The match comes later on.

Out first is Gail Kim, followed by ODB and the crowd seems pretty hyped that ODB is back in the ring! Their bout is a pretty physical one, with both these two being more than a match for one another. Gail’s agility against ODB’S pure strength and physicality is a match that writes itself, and writes itself well.

There’s lots of smack talk from Gail as she shoves ODB to the mat, but ODB’s not having that! She retaliates with a spear to Gail! Before we know it, the ladies are outside. ODB lines Gail up, then hits a huge slam on the ropes that surely knocked the wind out of Gail. ODB wants to follow it up but Gail slips out of her grip. Gail goes for a kick but ODB gets out of the way, and Gail is hung up on the ropes. Ouchies. ODB goes for an early pin but gets only a two count.

ODB climbs the top rope but Gail intervenes and pulls her right back off it. Gail now up high, blowing some kisses to the crowd. Saucy! Gail gives up her position in favour of trapping ODB in the opposite corner and choking her with her boot. The ref warns Gail as she drags ODB out of the corner. Gail with some hard right hands, an uppercut and a running dropkick! Gail with the pin! She gets a two. Gail choking ODB out on the ring ropes. As she laps up the attention from the fans, they begin chanting ODB and ODB takes advantage. She strikes Gail in the mid section repeatedly, but Gail won’t let her gain control and grounds her with a running clothesline. Another two count.

Gail with a running corner elbow and another two count! Another pin attempt, and yet another two count. A nice back and forth between the ladies ends up with ODB gaining the upper hand. A serious of clotheslines and power slams to Gail keep her grounded, and ODB takes control. ODB goes for the pin and she gets her first two count of the match.

Gail goes for what might have been a hurricanrana, but we’ll never know as ODB sends her to the ring apron, hits a shoulder block to the mid-section and Gail is on the outside. ODB grabs Gail by the hair but Gail has other ideas. She grabs ODB by the legs and drags her towards the ring post. This can only mean one thing! ODB fights out of it before Gail can lock in the figure four and uses her legs to send Gail head first into the ring post! You don’t see that every day.

The referee starts the count as ODB goes after Gail on the outside. She’s successful for the most part, but only until Gail sends her head first into the steel steps. This one’s over as the ref has counted them both out. It’s a no contest.

But that doesn’t stop them as they go at it outside the ring, too!

Thoughts: This was nice and refreshing after the last few months, sure, and I liked it for the most part but something felt missing to me this week. I don’t know. I wasn’t very excited for the match, to be honest, but they did put on a good show and I’ve a feeling this isn’t the end of this rivalry. If it pushes ODB into the title picture with Mickie and maybe even Gail, then I’m all for that. If it means Mickie will feud with someone else alongside this feud, then I’m all for that too!

That’s it for this week! Eleri out!

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