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Jim Ross Confirms What We All Aready Knew (I Hope!): ‘Total Divas’ is Scripted


In case there was any doubt that the drama you see in E!’s new hit reality show Total Divas is constructed for your entertainment, allow WWE Hall of Famer Jim “JR” Ross to confirm it for you.

The part-time commentator and WWE’s former Head of Talent Relations was quizzed whether the show is scripted on his official website, and responded:

What reality show on TV isn’t scripted to some degree? I can answer that…none of them that I’ve seen.

We didn’t think it needed to be spelled out — because, of course reality shows aren’t all real, right? — but apparently it does. While Total Divas is great TV, we’re watching what WWE wants us to watch, and those “true colors” you think you’re seeing from X cast member? It’s part of the show!

Another spoiler: Santa isn’t real. Sorry.

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