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Rhaka Khan Responds (Cryptically) to Kharma’s Shoot Interview Jibe?


We knew former TNA Knockouts Champion and WWE star Kharma‘s explosive new YouShoot interview would be juicy, but it seems she’s causing a stir from just the trailer alone!

In the two-minute teaser promo, Kharma — aka Amazing/Awesome Kong — can be heard calling out her former TNA colleague Rhaka Khan, real name Trenesha Biggers, for allegedly not paying her aunt for babysitting her child.

Commenting on the 6’0″ former TNA Knockout, Kharma said: “B***h. Funky b***h. And you owe my aunt some money. Pay my aunt her money for watching your damn kid.”

It appears word has gotten back to Rhaka, who has posted a series of messages of a biblical nature on her Twitter account and they seem to be directed at Kharma.

She wrote: “Why Are People So Consumed With Karma? The WRATH and VENGANCE of God Would Gobble Her up In ONE BITE.. Fear No Man. Fear Only GODs WRATH.

“May The Tounges of My Enemies Cleave To The Roofs Of Their NASTY Mouths God… Open Up The Heavens And Shower Me w/ FAVOR. In Jesus Name <3"I Command Every Satanic Plot of Sabotage& EVIL Slanderous Accusations Boomerang Back 100 Fold SMACK THE FACE of My Enemy in Jesus Name. [sic]"Of course, the tweets may be purely coincidental... but that would be an almighty (no pun intended) coinkidink.In case you missed it, here's the video in which Kharma made her controversial comments:

Did Kharma go too far? Is Rhaka in the wrong? Tell us in the comments!