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    Reby Sky Reveals Why She Isn’t Chasing a WWE Contract


    For most female wrestlers on the independent circuit, finally landing that lucrative WWE contract is no doubt the dream, but SHINE star and Playboy beauty Reby Sky recently revealed that she doesn’t quite share that same vision.

    Reby shared an interesting viewpoint on her future in wrestling, feeling that she is “too old” to join WWE’s ranks. However, every cloud has a silver lining and fortunately for the former Lucha Libre USA star, Reby insists she loves working the independent scene.

    She wrote on her page: “I love wrestling & will continue to do it as long as I physically can, but not in hopes of being scooped up by a major company, because it’s too late for me; I’m too old & not experienced enough for my age. I wrestle because I love it. I love the indies & I love being able to share the experiences on the road with my partner [Matt Hardy].

    “I know a lot of other indy girls are uber optimistic & have a ‘never say never’ mentality, but why would a major company hire me as opposed to someone younger/hotter with the same amount of experience ? (or less, seeing as though WWE is hiring girls from model agencies). [sic]”

    Oh, and the outspoken future Mrs. Matt Hardy isn’t too big on backstage politics, either.

    She added: “And really, how long do you think my big mouth would last in a big company ? Politics & playing nice is NOT my thing, haha. [sic]”

    Of course, as John Cena puts it, “WWE is the NFL of wrestling”, but it’s refreshing to see that Reby is happy where she is. For those who have seen her work in SHINE, she’s definitely come along way in the ring and has worked hard to shake the ‘model’ stigma fans have attached to her.

    Although she’s not flying out to Orlando for a tryout camp anytime soon, Reby indicated a couple of years ago that WWE had made her an offer of some sort but she was under contract to Lucha Libre USA at the time. We wonder what could have been?

    Do you agree with Reby’s opinion? Do you think she could make it in WWE? Tell us what you think in the comments!