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TNA One Night Only: 10 Reunion in review

What’s up Knockout fans and welcome to the second TNA: One Night Only in Review! Finally, after a week long search for a video that doesn’t muck up the sync of the audio and video of this match or just cut out altogether, I have finally been able to properly watch it and then spill the beans with you lot. I hope you’re grateful! This month’s ONO looks back at historic names in TNA’s 10 year history and celebrates all it’s achievements. The two Knockouts going up against one another have been prominent figures and storied rivals in those ten years; it’s Gail Kim and Velvet Sky. Gail was of course, the first Knockouts Champion and she managed to start her second reign with a win over then Champion Velvet. Velvet has managed to get revenge in recent months, yet can she use this ONO as the cherry on top of the cake? To the video!

We see a glimpse of SoCal Val on the mic as out first, it’s the messiah of the Knockouts division, God Kim herself, Gail Kim. Gail is coming out to the older version of her theme that starts off instrumental and then goes into the lyrics, unlike the new remix where it just goes straight to the vocals. Oh the good old days of March when this was taped. Listening to “Puppet on a String” is halted as out next, it’s Velvet Sky. Velvet is dressed in her patented attire that looks like Barney the Dinosaur got shaved and even though it’s a special ONO show, Taz still won’t say “Let the Pigeons’s loose!” Oh the good old days of before the worst faction of all time, Aces & Eights were formed.

The bell rings and Gail looks pretty disgusted at how Velvet rubs her nether regions along the middle rope as part of her entrance. Velvet proceeds to do it again and Gail tries to take advantage of this, yet fails. It’s Gail who ends up straddling the middle rope instead. What is Gail letting loose? Crows? Vultures? Velvet shakes Gail around before spanking her and then knocking to the arena floor with a dropkick. She works out Gail outside before sending her back into the ring and leveling her again with another low dropkick. Following an unsuccessful pin attempt, Velvet forearms Gail in the face a few times before trying to whip her across the ring. Gail reverses the Irish whip yet Velvet shifts the momentum in the corner, kick Gail off her before hitting a bulldog. Vel Vel then mounts Gail in the corner yet she is dropped on her face in a very sloppy fashion.

Gail drapes Velvet over the bottom rope before knocking her back down with a clothesline. After a near fall, the true Canadian Ninja rams Velvet’s mush into the mat before Velvet tries to make a comeback. A kick to the kidney thwarts Velvet’s rise and Gail continues to control the action with a European uppercut. Gail then charges into the corner crossbody style in a way that only she can, before posing on the apron. Gail gets back in the ring and takes Velvet to the floor before wrenching Velvet’s leg over her neck. Velvet makes it to the ropes yet Gail rams her elbow onto Vel’s leg, attempt to stop Velvet from escaping again. Gail then applies a weak looking leg lock which Velvet doesn’t take long to get out of. Velvet hits Gail repeatedly yet she gets knocked right back down with a clothesline. Gail poses some more before choking Velvet with her foot in the corner. She then attempts to splash Velvet yet she moves out of the way!

Velvet is now definitely in the driving seat as she pummels Gail with a series of clotheslines and a back elbow. Velvet then visits hurricanrana city before hitting a Spear for two. She then goes for In Yo Face yet Gail wriggles away. A botched sequence in the corner leads to Gail aiming to hit Eat Defeat yet Velvet reverses and hits In Yo Face for the win.

Thoughts: Zzzzzzzz, oh it’s over. This match was so bland. And are forearms going out of fashion or something? This match was so basic and nothing all stood out, from a technical or character background. Logically, the match made no sense, as Gail’s turning point was hitting Velvet’s face off the top turnbuckle, which could have easily sent pain shooting to her neck and upper back. Instead of working on that, Gail applied a pretty sloppy looking series of submissions on Velvet’s legs, which then Velvet completely didn’t sell. Both girls seemed like they were just going the motions in this match, and considering the apparent lack of buys for this plus the time it took to hit the internet, I don’t blame them! Okay, but far from memorable. Oh and what was up with the commentary? It was absolutely god awful from both Tenay and Taz. Seems like they couldn’t be bothered either! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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