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    Additional SHINE 12 Matches Announced, Card Finalized

    Following yesterday’s undercard reveal for SHINE 12, tongues were left wagging about the SHINE Championship picture and if Rain would defend her newly-won title.

    Rain posted a video message stating that until a number one contender is established, she won’t be defending her belt.

    Well, those virtuous enough to be patient have now been rewarded, as SHINE officials have decided their next step.

    A video statement from SHINE VP of Talent Relations Lexie Fyfe has been posted on SHINE’s official YouTube channel.

    In it, Lexie announced a Number One Contender’s match for SHINE 12: a Triple Threat match pitting Ivelisse Velez, Jessicka Havok and Mia Yim against one another.

    The winner will go on to face Rain at the end of SHINE 12.

    Also announced for next Friday’s show was a blockbuster singles match between Kharma – aka Amazing Kong – and Mercedes Martinez.

    Check out the full card below:

    * SHINE Championship Match: SHINE Champion Rain vs. #1 Contender Three Way Winner

    * #1 Contender Three Way Match: Jessicka Havok vs. Mia Yim vs. Ivelisse

    * Amazing Kong vs. Mercedes Martinez

    * Angelina Love vs. Shanna

    * Leva Bates vs. Christina Von Eerie

    * Santana Garrett w/ Amber O’Neal vs. Brandi Wine w/ Malia Hosaka

    * West Coast Connection (Tracy Taylor & Su Yung) vs. All Star Squad (Nikki Roxx & Solo Darling w/ Daffney)

    * Kimberly vs. Kimber Lee

    Watch Lexie Fyfe’s video message below:

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    What match are you most looking forward to?

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