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    Photos and Video: AJ Lee and Eve Torres Visit Los Angeles Children’s Hospitals

    As we reported yesterday, former WWE Diva Eve Torres has joined forces with the company to support their charity efforts during SummerSlam week.

    She joined Divas Champion AJ Lee and The Miz on their visit to two children’s hospitals in Los Angeles, telling the WWE camera that the best part of it all is walking into a room and seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. AJ agreed with that sentiment, saying she’s amazed that a little bit of their time can bring so much to the children’s lives.

    In an article on the WWE’s Community site, AJ admitted to getting choked up on the visits, saying, “I’m not the most emotional person in the world, but then you meet a little kid who snuggles up on you and is so excited to see you and is so grateful to get an action figure, I get teary eyed and a little choked up.”

    The Divas Champion also spoke about meeting female fans, saying, “It’s always really fun to hang out with the girls. They see the title and they want to hold it, you get that girl power pride, that’s always cool to me.”

    Watch their visits below:

    The WWE has also posted photos from the visits. Check out some of them below:

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