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Trish Stratus Reveals Baby’s Gender and Name

Trish Stratus has taken to her official website to drop some major news: the gender and name of Baby Stratus!

The baby, due next month, will be a boy, according to the Diva Dirt Legacy Award honoree.

She also revealed the baby’s name, which will be Maximus (Max for short).

This was all included in an article about her baby shower, which she shared pictures of.

At the shower, Trish told her official website, “The moment we found out the sex and we were able to call him by his name, we really began to bond with him. I can visualize him and see him in my dreams, and to be able to call him by his name just brings you closer to your baby. It’s funny; everyone (myself included at times), is so used to calling him ‘Baby Stratus’ – I guess he already has a nickname!”

It seems like just yesterday we learned that Trish was pregnant in the first place! We wish mother and son the best of luck in the weeks to come.