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    Is an NXT Diva the Next “Heyman Girl”?

    Will the next “Paul Heyman guy” actually be a girl?

    NXT’s official Tout account posted a video of Heyman answering buzz about who the next Heyman guy will be. He counters that question by asking, “Why it can’t be a Heyman girl?”

    He confirms that the newest Heyman disciple has been found, but he’s not giving any clues as to who it is.

    His remarks have, of course, gotten fans buzzing that an NXT Diva might be about to debut with Heyman by her side.

    The popular choice seems to be NXT Women’s Champion Paige, who celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday.

    Watch the Tout below:

    Will tonight’s SummerSlam feature a Diva debut? We’ll just have to wait and see!

    As a bonus, here’s another Tout from NXT, showing Divas Paige and Emma going on-one-one yesterday at SummerSlam Axxess:

    Which NXT Diva should align herself with Paul Heyman?