Photos: AJ Lee Grants First Individual Wish for Make-A-Wish

One week after Kaitlyn granted her first individual wish for Make-A-Wish, AJ Lee has granted hers as well.

The Divas Champion met nine year old fan Heidie backstage at Monday’s Raw, and the adorable fan was decked out head-to-toe in AJ gear.

In an article on the WWE’s Community website, AJ says, “It’s unbelievable anytime I see a little girl dressed up as me. To go through that effort is the coolest thing in the world. To have that happen and be somebody’s wish is kind of the biggest deal in the world to me. I never thought that was something that would happen.”

AJ says granting wishes makes all of her struggles worth it, saying, “If in any way I could have made her happier, made her and her family just have a good time, I feel like all this has been worth it. This is what I wanted to do getting into [WWE] — affect people in a good way.”

Check out photos from AJ’s meet-up below:

You can see all the photos on the WWE’s Community website.

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  • vdcvt

    That’s so adorable. I love it when you see how touched the superstars and divas are when they are part of make-a-wish :)

  • Francisco

    that picture of AJ hugging the little girl overwhelms me, it shows such love and kindness from AJ, this is really inspiring what these superstars and divas do they make little kids happy. This was really touching :’)


    its so inspiring to see someone else do something good for others. it makes my heart happy and grateful that i dont have any illness or disease and that i can live my life without worring if am ganna wake up tomorrow. i happy that people are asking for th divas as well now.

  • i22

    It must be so surreal for AJ. She was that little girl in her Lita tshirt balling her eyes out while meeting her idol and now little girls are doing the same for her. Its truly come full circle for her and I couldnt be any more proud to call myself a fan of hers.

    • AdrianRay

      My heart <3 ….. :'(

  • I dig CrayJ

    The picture of AJj and the fan skipping made my heart melt!!!

    • @KENLushh

      YES mine too.

  • ?igu??

    Is Aj lee the Jenifer Love Hewit of wwe ?
    Is Eva marie the Megan fox
    Alicia fox the Rhianna?
    all look alikes imo

    • Arron St Aubin

      You need to get your eyes checked..

      • ?igu??

        do you know any of the people i mentioned

        • Raekon

          The only ones that really look very alike are indeed alicia and Rihanna, the other two you mentioned ar farfetched cause the facial structure is totally different and the Body aswell. :)

  • @KENLushh

    I’m so #TeamAJ it’s ridiculous.

  • Mel Rose


  • Kingbooman

    I love AJ!!!! Im So Im So Im so Proud of you!!

    • Brandon

      Come on bych

      • Kingbooman

        Ok wait 10 mins! I was at ocb.

  • James


  • Fame Whore

    I love how in picture 4, AJ is skipping like ‘Bitch Please, I’m fabulous.’ Love It!!!!

  • That One Guy

    Nice story.

  • nismos69

    Another reason everyone should love Aj omg :) ahahahaha

  • Kingbooman

    OMGG what if that little girl become a diva! 14 years later shes divas champion..I Wouldd cry!!

    • BorisG

      Just about to say that.

  • charovnica

    And for causes like this I want to slap anyone that bad-mouths wrestling.
    Ah…I wish I could skip with AJ too!

  • dagmii

    That girl looks a lot like AJ.:)

  • jeremycanrana

    This is absolutely beautiful! Look at Aj’s face!!

  • Black Widow

    OMG!!! The girl is just so lucky!!!! ;)

  • Roman

    AJ’s reaction is so wonderful. You can tell she is a genuine human being, Aj is truly one of those people who come across as grateful just to be breathing.

  • Jéan-Luc Howe

    Pretty creepy seeing a 9 year old girl in such skimpy clothing.. you’d think AJ Lee’s kids size gear would be a bit more covering.

  • xFoxylicious

    :’( This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen…. AJ, I’m so proud of you. <3333

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    That is adorable. Congrats to aj, I am so happy that the divas are starting to connect with the fans again.

  • divalious

    So adorable but would that girl want to be like aj lee. If I was that girl I would be more like kelly kelly or kaitlyn.

  • BorisG

    Love her, also that she can show her nice side, other than being heel on TV.

  • I dig CrayJ

    How can you not love her?!