Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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In Video: ‘After Total Divas’ for Episode 6 Featuring Special Guest Eva Marie

Renee Young and Alicia Fox are back for another episode of After Total Divas, discussing all the “boy trouble” from last night’s episode.

Following the “boy trouble” theme, they first look at Cameron‘s boyfriend Vincent, who went off the rails in Lag Vegas. Renee says she likes how Cameron shut him down as didn’t take any crap.

As for Natalya and Tyson Kidd‘s long commitment to each other, Alicia can’t relate. She says she’s still looking for her “lobster”.

On JoJo‘s quickly ended liason with Justin Gabriel, Alicia says JoJo should have worn a seatbelt, because that was intense.

This brings on special guest Eva Marie, who gives her two cents on the JoJo/Gabriel drama. She says she thinks JoJo, being a newbie to the business, just got caught up in having a romance. As for her own romance, Eva Marie says it’s going “fabulous”, flashing her engagement ring.

Eva announced last week’s “Soundbyte of the Week”, which was her own line about bronzing up for the gym, just in case John Cena‘s there.

This week’s soundbyte contenders are Jimmy Uso‘s line about some people having no business wearing two piece swimsuits, Nikki Bella‘s line about loving Brie Mode and Cameron’s bragging about her fabulous hotel bathroom in Vegas. Vote for your favorite on

Alicia’s Love it or Lost it segment saw her loving the drama-free vacation which saw all of the Divas getting along. She said “lose it” to Brie and and Vincent’s drunken antics.

Watch this week’s After Total Divas below:

What’s your “Soundbyte of the Week”?

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