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Raw Redux (September 2nd, 2013): AJ Bites Off More Than She Can Chew

So last week we were treated to the “pipe bombshell” heard around the world. AJ Lee, the Divas Champion, showed up at the end of a match between Total Divas stars Natalya and Brie Bella and ripped up the entire cast. I’m pretty sure AJ’s promo broke Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media network site you could think of, and it left fans solidly split down the middle when it came to picking a side. The Diva Dirt staff were split on the issue, and I remember getting into an argument with one of my favorite Irish friends over AJ’s promo when I replied to his post about it not being the greatest thing he’d ever seen from a Diva.

You can go back to the infamous Attitude Era to find dozens of segments and promos that were just as good, if not better than the “pipe bombshell” AJ dropped, but said friend said, and I quote, “would you cut it out with that already?” Why should we simply brush off history and act like it never happened? What else do we have to compare it too? None of the current Divas on the roster have ever had the opportunity AJ was given last Monday, so it’s not right to say it’s the greatest Diva promo of all time if you’re choosing to just ignore everything that has happened while AJ was still in high school.

Regardless of how you feel about the past, and what you think of the present, the fact remains that AJ threw the gauntlet down. We got absolutely nothing on SmackDown, which is just fine and dandy with me, because now I’m sitting here suffering through a Roger Federer/Tommy Robredo tennis match two hours before Raw even starts, writing about my feelings for what’s to come tonight. Surely that says a lot, right?

Yes, this is one of those live Reduxes! I know, you love them.

Summer Rae is slaying tonight, as Fandango takes on The Miz. She’s getting a lot better at dancing and pastels need to be a staple in her wardrobe.

Summer doesn’t like being quiet on the outside of the ring, does she? Miz makes it a point to harass her, and Summer doesn’t take to kindly to being touched by such an inferior competitor. I love it. Apparently during the commercial, Fandango suffered a broken nose, but decided to continue. That works out well for us because Summer gets involved even more by slapping Miz in the face. She is killing it tonight. Her facial expressions and her mannerisms are on fire tonight. Her mental breakdown when Miz wins the match is amazing as well.

Summer is getting so, so, so good. At this point, I kind of want her to just continue what she’s doing. She’s really embracing the role now, and everything is clicking. I know I was super tough on her in the beginning, and I’m very, very glad that she is stepping up and shoving all the negativity back in my face. I really don’t think any other Diva would have worked in this role. Way to go Summer!

Acorrding to the WWE App, there will be a Total Divas Triple Threat match tonight pitting Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya against one another. The winner will face AJ at Night of Champions. Oh. My. God. This match is going to be incredible.

As we learned with the WWE App, Queen Stephanie McMahon is in the building. Brad Maddox decides to inform her that The Big Show is refusing to fight Daniel Bryan.

Stephanie decides to take matters in her own hands and promises that it won’t be a private conversation. Uh-oh! What does this devious woman have up her sleeve for tonight? I can’t wait to find out. Stephanie is everything and any story she is involved in is automatically better because of the fact.

Speaking of, Stephanie decides to come directly to the ring as Raw returns from a commercial break.

Stephanie gives Big Show a sugary sweet introduction and claims he is someone who has helped her out in her career. They embrace and you know that she’s about to kill him with kindness. Fake and evil kindness. Like Triple H and Randy Orton earlier in the night with Cody Rhodes, Stephanie decides to throw shade at Big Show and his personal financial struggles, telling all of us that he is completely broke and has no other option than to just fulfill the duties of his contract. She wants to put things in perspective for him, and says that he can’t really get a job doing anything else because his size won’t allow. To add insult to the already injured pride of the Big Show, Stephanie just flat out tells him that giants are people who don’t live very long lives.

So she basically just told a man that he was going to die in the next few years.

I’m screaming. I don’t even know what to say and I feel like I’m going to Hell for laughing. Stephanie McMahon is ruthless. I can not.

Raw takes us into the last hour before we get our promised Divas’ triple threat match. Cameron, Eva Marie, JoJo and Nikki Bella are at ringside while AJ comes out to do commentary.

The match is very sloppy in my humble opinion, and the three of them had no chemistry or timing. I like the fact that it was so different from what we’re used to seeing, but different isn’t always better. It wasn’t this time. The kick out from the roll-up was a bit off, and no one looked particularly good during the actual match. AJ got involved at the end, causing the referee to throw the match out. Brie, Nattie, and Naomi all jumped AJ at the end and left the champ beaten down in the ring.

It was a beating that AJ definitely deserved and Brie, with her smeared lipstick, and ‘come at me bro’ attitude really stood out from the rest. I can’t help but think that this is going to lead to a four woman match come Night of Champions and I definitely don’t dislike that idea. I do feel that this was a bit of a let down after last week, but nothing is ever perfect. What is important is the storyline progression that is going on. I love this storyline and now the sympathy kind of swings back to AJ in some respect.

Sure, the champ got what she deserved, but it was still kind of sad to watch three girls gang up on her and bring her down. Okay, it wasn’t really and I don’t have any sympathy for her, but I can totally see why some people would.

And yup, there we have it. It’s going to be a Fatal Fourway at Night of Champions for the Divas Championship. Brie, Naomi, Natalya, and AJ will square off in a match that is either going to be brilliant or be an absolute flop. Time will tell, but we’ve got some time to keep building. Curious to see if anything actually happens on SmackDown this week.

Our Diva goodness tonight ends with the main event. It’s another segment of Daniel Bryan getting beat down. I don’t even think I need to put it into words. I just want to know when the cast of Total Divas, especially Brie, are going to just storm the ring in support of their castmate?!

Someone needs to neutralize Stephanie in this and in my little hopeful heart, I really want it to be Brie. It probably won’t happen, but it won’t ever stop me from wanting it dammit! That’s going to do it for tonight. Until next week… Khaleesi out!

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