Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Former NXT Diva Reemerges on Twitter

NXT Diva Raquel Diaz is back! Well, on Twitter anyway.

The former Diva, real name Shaul Guerrero, recently tweeted about moving to Orlando, where the WWE Performance Center is located. Her mother Vickie Guerrero confirmed that news.

Now she’s resurrected her Raquel Diaz Twitter account, once again assuming her “Ultra Diva” persona and tweeting about it:

Raquel left the WWE this time last year, but expressed optimism that she would return one day.

Upon her departure, some reported that Guerrero had left the company to treat an eating disorder, while others believed she was merely “bitter” towards the wrestling business that both her mother and late father were part of. Shaul confirmed rumors of an eating disorder when she triumphantly tweeted about attending her last EDA meeting:

Best of luck to Shaul! We can’t wait to see the “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour” on the road again.

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