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Impact Write-Up (September 19th, 2013): And That Makes Four

That’s right. After this show, that makes spoiler alert four active Knockouts on the TNA roster. FOUR. I am in shock (well, not that much). In all seriousness, though, this is a sad time for the division. But more on that later. For now let’s focus on the title match between Mickie James and ODB that took place last night.

And there you have it! ODB is your new Knockouts Champion, which makes for another four: four reigns for ODB. After the spoilers came out last week, I was totally shocked; I did not expect this. But then when the news broke that Mickie had not renewed her contract with TNA, it was obvious why. I’m gutted. Totally gutted, and for many reasons. First, because Mickie is my all time faaaave, second because I hate that she didn’t go out on a better note and lastly, because the division is just in tatters right now. It seems that TNA are moving further and further away from women’s wrestling. Gail Kim might be good, but one woman can’t make a division.

I do apologize for the shortness of this Write-Up but I’m just struggling to wrap my head around what direction TNA are going in, or if they’re going in any kind of direction at all. I’m happy for ODB but seriously, this push feels like it came out of nowhere and I don’t really get why, and if they’d known Mickie wasn’t going to resign for a while, why not just carry on the short lived feud between Gail and Mickie? At least it had a little more fire in it than this one.

So I’ll close out this short and sad write up by saying I’m gutted with the way the division is going, and I sincerely hope they pick up somehow. We’ll see. For now, ciao!

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