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NXT Redux (October 2nd, 2013): The Cobra Joins the Emmalution

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. We have mixed tag team action on the cards tonight as Summer Rae and her man, FAAAAAHHHHNNNNNDAAAAAAHHHHNGOOOOOOO, or Fandango for the less dramatic of you out there face off against Emma and her tag team partner, Santino Marella. Yes, the inevitable has finally happened. Love or loathe the kid friendly gimmicks of Emma and Santino, this was bound to happen and now it has. Brave enough to stomach it and watch? TO THE VIDEO!

Thoughts: Well, I was going to properly recap what Emma and Summer did in this match, yet they didn’t do much! Both girls showed just how good they both are both in terms of perfecting their characters and with the solid in-ring work we saw. Yes it was basic and moves we’ve seen before, yet they delivered.

Now onto the comedy. After all, that’s the main factor in this segment considering there wasn’t a lot of wrestling. Emma and Santino are like Marmite: you either love them, hate them or absolutely despise them. I found them hilarious together.


I admitted that I’m an Maremma fan. So much so I’ve made a palindrome for them, Glamarella style. I better get it copyrighted before WWE try and use it. You’ll be able to find a Team Maremma shirt in the Diva Dirt Shop sometime soon. I’ll make it happen, mark my words! But back to the comedy, at times, it felt like they were just doing the same thing over and over too much, such as the frequent high-fiving/tagging in and the rolling away from Santino, yet it was just enough on the tolerable side for me to enjoy and not start to get annoyed with.

Also yet again, Renee Young, you are a star on commentary. She wasn’t too cheesy and her humor came across as really cool and genuine. I’m so glad Renee has been given this chance by WWE. Keep doing what you’re doing Renee, you are most certainly nailing it.

In closing, the segment did exactly what it needed to do. Emma and Santino got major spotlight and although Summer lost, she wasn’t pinned. Sasha wasn’t dragged into this so her and Summer’s team can carry on undeterred too. The match made me legit laugh out loud at some points, so if you ask me, it’s a job well done from WWE. As a one time thing, I was entertained and happy to get wrapped up in it and take it for what it was. Don’t be doing this every week though WWE!

Also, sorry to end on a negative, but Emma, you need some new gear ASAP. I can’t not mention it anymore. I’m not biting my tongue anymore. Emma’s new attire this week looked like Barney the Dinosaur and his two other friends (wasn’t there like a green one and a yellow Triceratops girl?) defecated on some fabric and Emma wore it. And the straps? I’m not an expert in female clothing by any means, but she just doesn’t look good in this particular style of gear.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back! (As will Paige next week too, WOO!)

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