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Battleground in Review: Sisterly Love Brings Brie Down

The evolution of AJ Lee from NXT to the main roster to the main event was something that was basically unheard of for a Diva in this particular era. The “Summer of AJ” brought someone loaded with talent and passion for the business to the next level, and made all of us open our eyes at just how great a Diva can be when given the chance. It’s absolutely fair to say that the New Jersey elevated a division that often over-looked, pushed to the back burner, and never given the proper chance to showcase the talent it’s loaded with. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that AJ provided her peers with the fire and desire to step up their game and get to her level, so that they could have the same chances she was given.

Rubbing elbows with the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler gave AJ a HUGE push and she took everything she was given and ran with it, doing it to the best of her abilities. A title run was inevitable and the icing on the cake for someone who grew up wanting nothing more than to be a champion in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Brie Bella is currently on a similar path, even if it’s taken her a little bit longer to get to the top. Along with Nikki, Brie has always been unique and different, always giving her all in everything she’s been given. And it hasn’t always been a lot, to be honest. The twins spent copious amounts of time being arm candy for celebrity guests, and running around in limbo with no real storyline. But no matter what they were given to work with, it’s fair to say that both of them did the best they could and always looked amazing. It was sad when they left the company, and a void was definitely left. The polarizing personality of the Bella Twins always left fans split – you either loved them, or you hated them. Either way, you there and ready to talk about them, and that’s exactly what you want when it comes to leaving a mark in a male dominated world.

The Bellas returned, thank God, and returned with a starring role on the show, Total Divas. Total Divas not only gave us a look into the off camera lives of the ladies involved, but it gave us a glance at just how hard it is to make it in the cutthroat world of the WWE. Brie was a standout on the show, gaining a ton of popularity for her humble, simple life away from the cameras and her adorable relationship with Daniel Bryan. Fans took notice, so did the company, and Brie managed to break out on her own as a singles competitor thanks to Nikki’s unfortunate injury.

With AJ already established and Brie being right up there with her, last night’s Diva’s Championship at Battleground was very highly publicized. The match was plugged everywhere and it seemed like everyone was looking forward to seeing what these two ladies were able to put together while the television storylines are pretty hot right now. The only question that was left, when all was said and done, was were these two able to deliver? Lets take a look.

The Bellas made their way to the ring first, looking absolutely flawless. Both were in pink thanks to the WWE’s stance to fight breast cancer during the month of October, and Brie’s ring gear was absolutely amazing. Personally, I might have loved it more than the rainbow gear last month… MIGHT! AJ wasn’t without back-up either. She had her bodyguard, Tamina, in tow.

AJ started the match off with a slap right to AJ’s kisser and then went crazy. She was all over the champ with her punches, and just kicking AJ’s butt to start off with. AJ took the high road and rolled out of the ring to regroup, and when Brie went after her, Tamina inserted herself into the picture. There wasn’t anything physical, but she stopped Brie from going for AJ, which gave her client the chance to get back in the ring. Brie followed suit, and got herself in a position to go for the first cover of the match.

AJ kicked out.

Brie continued to dominate, which left AJ a little desperate. When the challenger went to the outside of the ring, AJ seized the moment. Brie was brought down by a dropkick and then slammed absolutely brutally into the ring post. Brie bounced off the post like she was nothing and took a pretty sick fall to the outside. AJ got her back inside the ring, hooked the leg, and went for a pin.

Brie kicked out.

AJ stayed off offense for awhile, and started to soften up Brie’s arm for the Black Widow Submission. At one point, AJ locked Brie in a nice little bridge type of submission, but Brie fought her way back up to her feet and got out of it. AJ battled back from that, caught Brie by the damaged arm, and went for a cover. The Total Divas’ star was able to kick out. AJ broke down at that point, and screamed in Brie’s face. It was pretty violent, but we really don’t expect anything less from AJ, do we? Brie was choked by the ropes for a bit before AJ turned her attention back to the left arm. Brie ended up knocked shoulder-first into the ring post, and AJ went to follow that up. Luckily, Brie moved out of the way, but AJ wasn’t bothered.

Well, maybe she was, because she went nuts at that point. Brie tried to fight her way to the ropes, but she just couldn’t make it. Instead, she managed to get back up to her feet. AJ isn’t impressed and Brie was slammed into the ropes for her valiant effort. AJ then decided to showboat, and that gave Brie an opening to hit a nice looking dropkick to take out the champ. Brie used to the momentum to unsuccessfully pin AJ twice, and that’s when things broke down.

Tamina got involved by attacking Nikki on the outside, choking her out for what appeared to be no reason other than to cause a distraction. Brie dropped AJ and went to see what was going on, right as Tamina hurled Nikki towards the ring. AJ used the chance to roll Brie up for a win, grabbing a handful of tights in the process, and she retained her title in the cheapest of ways.

And I loved it.

You guys know Brie Bella can do no wrong in my eyes, but I stated practically every single day this past week that she didn’t need to win the championship at Battleground. AJ needed to get the cheap victory, and that’s exactly what happened. Now, I don’t know if they will actually go the route of DB and Randy Orton, and have Stephanie declare the Diva’s Championship vacant, but I’m still going to hold out hope. AJ looked very heelish in the win, and Brie looked extremely good in the loss. There is so much to build on now.

Nikki and Tamina getting involved was the icing on the cake. You still can’t convince me that Nikki is going heel until I see it with my own eyes, but Tamina certainly did her job as AJ’s bodyguard. I really can’t wait to see what they do on Raw tonight. I think it’s going to end up being really, really, really amazing.

Nothing is ever perfect, but this was pretty close. I definitely give it four out of fiva stars. They delivered, in my opinion. Both of them had a lot of passion, a lot of energy, and gave it everything they had. Great job Brie and AJ. And kudos to Tamina and Nikki as well. Can’t wait for the follow-up!

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