Mickie James Reveals She Originally Planned Her “Crazy Fan” Storyline With Lita

While appearing at Hamilton Comic Con, former TNA Knockout Mickie James spoke with Live Audio Wrestling‘s Jason Agnew about her status in wrestling, the difficulty in playing a babyface, pitching the Trish Stratus storyline with Lita instead and more.

Pitching the Trish storyline: She originally pitched the “crazy” Trish Stratus fan storyline, but with Lita, because she knew Lita personally. At that point, she wasn’t as close with Trish.

Her TNA heel turn: Her heel turn was a matter of “finally convincing them” to do it.

Playing a babyface vs. playing a heel: She says there wasn’t a lot of depth to playing a babyface, as she was essentially playing herself. Playing a babyface is harder, though, as fans are more jaded now. It’s hard to make fans love you. The key to being an amazing heel, she says, is to make people hate you, but still want to pay to see you.

The “Piggie James” storyline: She wishes she could have left the WWE at a more uplifting point, but the intent was to confront the bullying epidemic. She says Layla and Michelle McCool were hesitant to say some of the things they did, but Mickie encouraged them to go out there and make it awesome.

Her status in wrestling: Mickie describes herself as a “free agent” in the wrestling world. She says she’s “far from finished” with wrestling.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • Monkey Tennis

    Free agent = Shimmer. Or Shine.

    Fingers crossed.

  • http://noreallyitstrue.wordpress.com/ AdrianRay

    Eh. She’s said these things countless times already. Seems to be the same two go to questions for interviewers when they talk with Mickie.

    • shameronstar

      I wonder how that would have panned out? Mickie and Lita didn’t seem to have the same chemistry as Mickie and Trish, but than again Lita was always much better in the face role so maybe their chemistry with Lita as the face and Mickie as the heel would have sparked magic!

  • TrishStratusFan

    I Looooooooooove this girl!!!

  • Ilovekpop

    I freaking love Lita and she’s my favorite diva ever! But I think feuding with Trish was so much better for Mickie because it lead her to become the Women’s champion at Wrestlemania.

    • The_Kisser_Of_82

      That Pussy Grab at Mania was epic. Plus at least Mickie got to be somewhat on their final matches w/ the WWE at the time before Trish and Lita came back to do random matches since then. It woulda been awesome for a Triple Threat w/ them or add in Melina for a Fatal 4 Way. That right there would be epic. Plus alot of Wrestlers have stated it’s harder to play a Face than a Heel these days and I agree w/ that. Faces have to please the sychophant fans while th Heels just play Douchees n B!tches and ppl love that.

      • Ilovekpop

        Yeahh! A triple threat match woulda been epic!!

      • jcott3

        Mickie has said she got in trouble with Vince afterwards for the “pussy grab”.

  • i22

    So I’m gonna guess that had Lita not injured her knee at New Years Revolution she most likely would’ve retained the title, wrapped up her program with Trish and then started the crazy fan program with Mickie. Then again I highly doubt WWE would’ve passed up the chance to turn Lita heel after the Matt-Edge scandal just for a Mickie James fued. Kinda makes you wonder if Lita didn’t suffer those neck and knee injuries if she would’ve been given the WWE golden girl status that Trish got/has. Lita was already way more over with the fans than Trish ever was.

    • leloo

      Trish is more popular. More money made, more magazine covers, interview apparences, mainstream recognition, more everything. Sorry but Trish is waaaay more popular than Lita ever was.

      • i22

        LMAO, all Trish’s magazine covers have nothing to do with her WWE career. Besides it’s not like she was covering mainstream magazines, it was all D-List magazines from Canada.

        There’s no denying that if you match up both Lita and Trish’s peaks Lita was way more over with the crowd. Trish may have got all the glory in the end but the fans always loved Lita more.

        • leloo

          Trish and Chyna are the 2 biggest names in women wrestling history. Its only wrestling fans that know who Lita is. People who know nothing about wrestling can still know who Trish and Chyna are but will have no idea who Lita is. And Trish made waaaaay more AMERICAN magazine covers than Lita to. FACTS!!!

          • i22

            Please tell me what American magazines Trish has covered that are actually mainstream? Was she on Vogue? Glamour? Cosmo? No. And my intial arguement was about thier popularity within WWE, I could careless about how many more D-list magazines Trish covered over Lita. And FYI no one outside of wrestling fans know who Trish is either. The only divas who’ve ever made a name for themselves mainstream wise have been Chyna, Stacey and Sable in her hey day.

          • Frostbite

            Oh for heaven sake just because a number of the magazine covers that Trish has appeared on aren’t “American” doesn’t make them irrelevant and plenty of people outside of the wrestling world are aware of who Trish Stratus is. She was well known in the fitness world several years before she got into the wwe. Just because you don’t like Trish Stratus which is fine does not give you the right to spew venom at her.

          • leloo

            Clearly you have no idea how popular Trish was in 2006. She was making celebrity list and being rank’ed above the likes of Cameron Diaz, Jlo and Paris Wilton. Trish surpass Chyna in the celebrity NET-WORTH by 1 million. Sable isnt even in that list. Your either a Trish hater or ignorant. Because Trish in 2006 was EXTRELMY popular.

    • jcott3

      Even if Lita didn’t break her neck, Trish was the one WWE was going to push to the moon. Lita may have been more popular with wrestling fans, but Trish was more marketable to a mass audience. The only way Lita would have been the WWE Golden Girl is if Trish hadn’t been able to make the transition from eye-candy-valet to wrestler.

  • Nicholas King MacKenzie

    I love mickie james I met her at this comic con and shes one of the most humblest person i’ve ever met she really cares about what the fans think about her because as a fan you would think we would be asking her a lot of questions but she turned it around and asked us questions like how did this situation make you feel or what could have improved it was really surprising how much she cares

  • ????? KING ?????

    Been knowing this for years it was actually Lita who kind of got the ball rolling for WWE to hire Mickie but im glad it worked out with Trish even though i love Lita her and Mickie matches lacked chemistry and something felt off

    • i22

      I think it was just Lita as a heel in general was off. Had the roles been reversed and Lita was face and Mickie was heel I think they could’ve put on some great matches. What I find funny is that as a heel Lita’s character work and mic work was SO MUCH better but her ring work suffered since she wasn’t able to do the whole high flying thing. tbh, the only match I enjoyed from heel Lita was vs Trish at Unforgiven and this is coming from a massive Lita mark.

  • OH SNAP!…Freeze SUCKA!

    she look like tamina in that picture…same questions she had from other interviews..wwe please…resign her.

  • David Wilson

    I don’t think the crazy fan storyline would have worked with Lita- it just seemed a more natural fit with Trish.

  • SimplyFlawless!

    It wouldn’t really work with Lita – I don’t know why it just won’t work.

    • dmullato

      You’re right, it wouldn’t have worked.

      • SimplyFlawless!

        I’m always right xD

    • BorisG

      She was heel and with Edhe, and if Mickie went psycho on her, that would turn Lita face.

      • SimplyFlawless!

        Even if Lita was a face it just wouldn’t feel natural – you know what I mean?

        • BorisG

          Well Lita was always different type of face. She had different gimmick but was loved, it wouldn’t work with her on that too.

          • SimplyFlawless!

            Yeah that.

  • SimplyFlawless!

    I love Mickie<333
    Greatest female wrestler alive.

  • Mariah_Scarey

    I’m glad she did it with Trish, they have much better chemistry than Mickie and Lita had.

  • charovnica

    I think Lita had way too many freaky storylines already lol,but yeah,I also don’t think the storyline would’ve had the same impact if she was in Trish’s place.

  • Cesaro’sWifeyEM.

    Love this interview.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    i think it would’ve been awesome with Lita! But I do think it was a better fit for Trish because she a glamour about her that it could be easily understood why anyone would be obsessed with her.

    • http://www.twitter.com/julesellington5 Jules Ellington

      Lol seconded, I could totally of seen Mickie dressing up in Lita’s old attire (baggy pants and netted tops) being psycho Lita fan haha. But also agreed Trish was a better fit.

  • WweRules32

    mickie to wwe again

  • http://www.twitter.com/julesellington5 Jules Ellington

    Again like people have stated below, I’m also a huge fan of Lita but I think it was a better fit for the storyline to be with Trish. However maybe if it had been with Lita, it would have prolonged her career because she wouldn’t of had the storyline with Edge and Matt and received as much as hate. Transferring that real life situation onto TV was a bad move in the long run. Although I am happy with how it all turned out.

    • Maddox

      It wasn’t a mistake, People had already stated started hating her thanks to Matt Hardy on Social Media so transferring it to TV made Edge a huge star and they had an awesome heel run and chemistry

  • Divas ChampAJ

    I love Mickie!

  • Joey Mayberry

    I think Trish was better actor than Lita, so I think that Trish was the better fit for the storyline. I liked Lita much more in the ring than I did Trish. Lita to me was better when she didn’t have the mic, she could tell a story with her face/body language. So with Trish being the talker, I think she was the better choice for the Mickie storyline overall.

  • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt

    Speaking of Mickie’s original idea of doing the crazy fan storyline with Lita, I do a column called What If? for this wrestling website I write columns for, and I did an edition a little while back where I talked about “What if Mickie James did the obsessed fan storyline with Lita?”


  • Matty Marie Ziggler

    I think it was best for it to be Trish. Lita and Mickie didn’t have good chemistry.

  • Lay Royalty

    Mickie should feud with AJ and Bailey in a crazy off. Lol

  • Lay Royalty

    Am I the only one that thinks Layla could play a good crazy heel.

  • BorisG

    Mickie is one of the best women in the business. She made impact in both WWE and TNA, and she can only wait until she’s included in Hall of Fame.

  • Will

    I’ve actually known about Mickie actually wrote the stalker storyline for Mickie & Lita. I wonder if that would’ve worked….