Friday, June 18, 2021

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Brandi Rhodes Talks About the Rhodes Family’s Redemption at Battleground

Brandi Rhodes, the former WWE ring announcer known as Eden Stiles and new wife of Cody Rhodes, has been mentioned often in the recent Rhodes family storyline.

This week, she made her first official appearance as part of that storyline, being interviewed by after Cody, Goldust and Dusty Rhodes won reinstatement to the WWE at Battleground.

When asked how she felt about the Rhodes family’s redemption, Brandi said, “Oh my gosh, it was probably the most emotional thing that I have ever seen. I wish I was there, but then again, I would be crying on TV.”

She continued, “I would have been just as happy to see either Dustin or Cody get the pin, but we are moving into a new generation of Rhodes and Cody put the stamp on it. Cody hit the Cross Rhodes in the middle of the ring and got the win for our family. No outside interference, no excuses. I am so proud of my husband.” has also posted a gallery of photos from Brandi’s time with the WWE.

Do you think Brandi should reappear on WWE TV?

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