Taryn Terrell Confirms Pregnancy (Photo)

Following Taryn Terrell‘s abrupt departure from TNA television, rumors arose that the Knockout was pregnant.

Today, Taryn confirmed those rumors, tweeting that she’s pregnant with a girl:

No word yet on how far along her pregnancy is, but by the looks of it, she’s well on her way!

Congrats, Taryn!

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  • Diva champ

    lost one girl confirmed another

    • Matty “The New Classic” Marie


      She posted the damn photo.

  • Diva champ

    From:Her #1 fan


    The way she moves, the way she walks
    New Orleans tough when she talks
    One kiss from her and you’ll confess
    She’s a hot mess

    She’s got a paralyzing stare
    So take a look if you dare
    A Cajun queen with finesse
    She’s a hot mess

    Hot, hot, hot (hot mess) x2

    She can light up any room with the fire in her eyes
    she knows just what she should do
    to make your body come alive


    Hot, hot, hot (hot mess) x4

    You’ll melt just like a candle burnin’ at both ends
    She’ll leave your body smoldering, but
    you’ll pay for her again

    • Matty “The New Classic” Marie

      Now let’s do Insatiable and With A Girl Like That.

    • SimplyFlawless!

      Maria has the best theme song.

  • ?.?.

    who”s the dad since she isn”t married to drew any more?

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      she dates some guy.. ummm mark? paul? lewis? lol. she tweets him a lot. think he’s something to do w/ music

  • Raekon

    Congrats to Taryn and all the best for a good pregnancy and a healthy Baby. :)

  • Gavin Harvey

    i knew it ! i wonder if she will leave

  • Oh “Sunshine” Snap…;)

    Also. I read there’s more backstage heat on Eva Marie. Y’all probably already know. Melina #2 :(.. Congrats Taryn!!!!!”

    • ????? KING ?????

      But last week she was loved and in line for a big push lol these internet reports

      • Oh “Sunshine” Snap…;)

        Lmao I know right!

      • BossLadyStephanie

        Bleacher Report is a fansite dont listen to them.

  • James is A

    Knew it ! my guess is now madison is in training she will come back soon (hopefully). Congrats taryn have a girl proudly you hot mess !!! And is it bad I hope she calls her baby Tiffany

    • BorisG

      Maybe Madison comes back at BFG, we’ll see. And that would be cool Tiffany, if she wants to remember her WWE name.

  • ???iig?????

    Finally taryn. now shes inactive


    She’s so cute!

  • Matty “The New Classic” Marie

    Well good for her! She looks pretty pregnant.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    Told ya so! And she’s at least 5 months (you’re able to determine the sex of the baby via sonogram at 20 weeks). So she was pregnant during her epic last knockout standing match. Last knockout standing and pregnant. What a claim to fame that is!

    • ???iig?????

      No she was not

    • 3xplicit

      You can find out 3 – 4 months now

    • BossLadyStephanie

      She’s 4 months so 5 more months and here comes the girl! + 3 months to take care of her baby and be out from her job from 3 months.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    She looks so much prettier now, she definitely has that glow

  • Richard Smith

    i wonder how long before she get the sack from tna.

    • ???iig?????

      It’s like Madison Rayne again. shes getting maturnity Leave
      ]she gets paid for this then they Release her

  • 3xplicit

    It’s like Kharma all over again , I hope she doesn’t quit or get fired.

  • lavadius eubanks

    I think she doesn’t have what it takes to be a top face in the knockouts division. Who wants to see her vs tapa, tessmacher, Kim, odb and velvet. I was her I would retire and begin life as a mother.

    • WomenWrestlingRevolution 014

      Sadly, it will happen

      • Tomee

        I still have some hope. She’s not exactly the same as Madison Rayne. Medison’s contract expired during her pregnancy, but Taryn is still fresh. Her contract might expire only in two years. If that’s the case, then there’s still some hope.

    • Tomee

      Uh me. Her two famous matches against Gail Kim were probably the best out of all the women’s matches TNA and WWE made this year. I sure as hell hope she can return.

    • BorisG

      I suppose you didn’t watch her matches with Gail Kim.

    • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

      She wasn’t the best in the ring but she was carryable and charismatic .

  • ???iig?????

    I don’t like when Divas/Knockouts get Prego.
    they end up Retiring because they want to be a mom instead.
    but its Good there happy. but they have to start from scratch and get in shape

  • charovnica

    Something in the air makes every female wrestler pregnant! BEWARE!

    • http://noreallyitstrue.wordpress.com/ AdrianRay

      Someone needs to push Brie to the front of the line.

  • WweRules32

    congrats to taryn i hope some time down the line she returns to wrestling

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    Congrats to taryn I hope she returns after she has her baby

  • SimplyFlawless!

    I hope she doesn’t retire to become a full time mother!

  • Wyattd


  • BorisG

    Congrats Taryn, I’m happy for you, but couldn’t you be more careless because you were on top of your career?

    • zinc445 .

      haha totally agree awkward timing. sadly her fans won’t see her in action for ages who knows if she will ever return???????? they could use her on commentary considering she’s under contract still to tna

  • Stevie

    Congrats, but if it wasn’t for this, we might have seen her get PWI most improve because that girl put effort ever since she came to TNA. But lets just wait for next year, perhaps we could be looking at a future “Comeback of the Year award”.

  • http://noreallyitstrue.wordpress.com/ AdrianRay

    Finally! Lol

  • zinc445 .

    wow happy for taryn honestly!!! but will she ever return to wrestling from here on? sadly i don’t think so, she will most likely get busy with motherhood. but when she was in tna she was great her and gails matches were history making. id say she fell pregger in july begining. so she should have the baby by april and maybe return. who knows??? sadly not meant to be for taryn this year its sad she was doing well.