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Trish Stratus Covers Parents Canada Magazine, Talks Pregnancy

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has covered many a magazine in her day, but this one might look a little different.

The Diva Dirt Legacy Award honoree graces the cover of this month’s issue of Parents Canada, talking (pre-baby, of course) about her fitness routine, the best and worst parts of being pregnant, revealing her pregnancy at the Hall of Fame ceremony and more.

The best/worst parts of being pregnant: “I’ve been very lucky and have had a great pregnancy. Everyday I’m still in awe about what is going on inside of me! The fact that my body is housing a little human being still blows my mind. Each month finding out how he was growing and developing new systems and organs was amazing. That must be the science student in me! I actually think I’m going to miss being pregnant, having him here with me every minute of the day and to feel his movements – I’m definitely going to miss that. Of course, having him in my arms will most likely trump that feeling!

The worst part about being pregnant? Nothing! I think even if my pregnancy wasn’t going as smoothly as it is, I couldn’t come up with a part I didn’t like because in this case it is more about the destination than the journey!”

Did she have any strange pregnancy cravings?: “None at all!”

Deciding to announce her pregnancy at the Hall of Fame ceremony: “At the beginning of the year, I had just found out we were pregnant and the next day I got a call from WWE that they wanted to inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April. Since I would be 4 months pregnant at that point, I decided to publicly announce my pregnancy at the end of my speech (did the Beyonce-esque reveal and everything!).”

Keeping fit in the first few months: “I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to do as far as my workouts went, and the ladies who have been prego know that awkward, not quite showing, a little frumpy thing that happens for the first few months. I couldn’t help thinking that if I’m going to walk on stage in front of 20, 000 people at Madison Square Gardens and have this broadcast to millions of people all over the world – I want to look decent – especially with the fact that I’m making my announcement at the end and there would may be a few people thinking I had really let myself go! So, I gave myself a little challenge of doing 100 squats everyday, thinking that even if I had to slow down my workouts, this is a great bodyweight exercise that also gives a little cardio boost. To this day at 9 months pregnant I have done 100 squats everyday since I started – I think that’s like over 15,000 squats!”

Why did she choose to find out the sex of the baby?: “The moment I found out I was having a boy was when I really began to bond with my baby. We then named him, so when we spoke to him we called him ‘Max ‘rather than ‘baby’. When we spoke about the baby we could now say ‘he’ rather than ‘it’. And, I’m sure he will be familiar with the sound of his name as he has been hearing now for months. I also started to visualize him and see him in my sleep. I could see him as he grew up from a little baby boy to a boy to a young man. And maybe more importantly, it helped daddy connect with the baby. As the woman we get to experience the baby’s growth and the movements and that helps us bond, but daddy doesn’t get that. So, I felt that giving dad another piece of the puzzle helped him see that bigger picture, if that makes sense?”

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