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    Picture of the Day: Third Generation Divas Unite

    Are you all about the pink and black? Or how about showing some Viva La Raza love? Well tonight, you can be apart of both team Guerrero and team Neidhart!

    Natalya paid a visit down to Orlando tonight when she stopped in for some NXT action at Full Sail University. Amongst the crop of Divas she came across was none other than the recently returned Raquel Diaz, aka Shaul Guerrero!

    Natalya posted the above photo of she and the ravishing, rocking, racy Raquel Diaz on her Instagram account, captioning it, “Always so great to see Shaul! One of my 3G sisters down at NXT… She’s beautiful inside and out!”

    Nattie and Raquel seem to be quite buddy buddy with one another, but we want to see what would happen in a match between the two. Could Diaz lie, cheat, and steal her way to an upset victory, or would Natalya continue to prove that she is wrestling royalty?

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