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    Raw Redux (October 28th, 2013): The Bella Curse Gets Worse and Summer Goes Single

    So, we all agree that Hell in a Cell rocked! That’s not a question, that’s a statement. Naturally, I go into Raw expecting much the same. It takes us awhile to get to the Divas, but when we do the first bit of action comes in the form of a tag team match. Champ AJ Lee and her new BFF Tamina Snuka took on the Bella Queens, Brie and Nikki. Earlier in the night, Brie’s man candy, Daniel Bryan, was hideously attacked by the Wyatt Family because the devil made them do it. Clearly, our eco-friendly Bella isn’t really in the right frame of mind to compete but as the announcers reveal, the powers-to-be are forcing her into action. Brie actually wanted to accompany Daniel to the hospital but it simply wasn’t in the cards.

    Before the match starts, they show a replay of what happened to Daniel which upsets Brie to the point of tears. The crafty champ takes advantage and our match is underway. She gets the upper hand on Brie and triumphantly skips around much to her own delight. Brie gets off a dropkick and that prompts AJ to tag in Tamina. She doesn’t want any of Brie tonight it seems. Tamina comes in dominates, with Brie spending most of her time in a headlock. Eventually, she’s able to fight back a bit and make the hot tag to Nikki, who comes in fiery and full of fight. The crowd rallies behind the sassy Bella and Nikki decides to go for a high risk move. She scales the ropes and launches herself off the top, but Tamina is able to catch her. Brie tries to come in and help out, but Tamina uses Nikki to knock Brie from the ring, and then Nikki gets flattened with a Samoan Drop. Tamina tags in AJ and the Black Widow uses the chance to get another submission victory! While Tamina and AJ celebrate, Brie watches from the outside of the ring. Hmmmmzie!!!

    Before I even begin to speculate on that, the Diva action is not over! After being absolutely brilliant on the pay-per-view, Summer Slae got a singles match with Natalya. I wanted this to happen so bad, and the WWE is catering to me once again.

    They did not disappoint!

    Summer controlled the majority of the match, after exchanging a beautiful series of holds with Natalya. Some people are saying that the match was sloppy but I didn’t see it really. It wasn’t as sharp and on point as HiAC but meh. Very few matches, male or female, rarely are. I loved Summer’s foot choke in the corner. I got major Stacy Keibler vibes, and if you didn’t already know, she’s my all-time favorite diva. The unique submission Summer locked on Nattie stood out and was fun, and Natalya’s counters were superb. The outside shenanigans are what cost Summer the victory, and she tapped to the Sharpshooter. I have to say that match was sooooo good. Summer was right there with Nattie, hold for hold. She looked great controlling the pace. Very impressive.

    The Stephanie McMahon saga continues as well. She ended up gaining a huge ally that personally I didn’t see coming.

    You know, I actually liked this because evil Kane is the best Kane. The last thing Stephanie needs is another weapon when she has the likes of The Shield around her and the Wyatts very conveniently taking out people who can/will pose to the McMahon/Randy Orton reign of terror. She’s one powerfully evil woman and I love it.

    The McMahons hosted a celebration as well for Orton, which brought all superstars and Divas to the stage. Brie was absent from this, but the other girls were there!

    Oh Stephanie! Where was Kane?! Could your facial expressions be any more amazing? The storyline with the McMahons in charge had gotten super boring to me in recent weeks but the interest was definitely reignited last night. Stephanie is at her best when her back is against the wall and I’m hoping that some diva finally steps up to her and challenges her.

    Raw was great! The tag match was well done and I can actually say I loved how dominant Tamina looked. She came off as a total powerhouse and Nikki looks amazing in the ring. I would love to see a singles match between those two on Raw, but at the same time I kind of want this storyline to wind down. There’s no reason to keep having the Bellas challenge AJ, if she’s just going to keep making them submit. It sucks but it’s killing both twins in my opinion. The only saving grace to this is that Tamina did the bulk work and AJ got the glory. That’s a small opening to give Nikki and/or Brie another shot, but were pushing it.

    I found it very interesting Brie didn’t get in the ring to get Nikki while AJ and Tamina celebrated. Perhaps I’m making something out of nothing, but I think Brie’s frustration with everything is about to boil over. That may not end up being a good thing for whoever ends up around Brie and there’s only so much a girl can take. Multiple losses, unfair treatment, and a fiancé who’s public enemy number one (or two since Big Show seems to be a throne in the regimes side as well) is a lot to deal with. Y’all better keep your eyes on Brie these next couple of weeks.

    Keep your eyes on Summer Rae as well. Her star is only going to shine brighter and the sky is the limit for her. She has so much charisma, talent, and intangibles that she could end up being one of the faces of the Divas division. The locker room better look out for our favorite ballroom dancing Diva. Summer is on a fast track stardom and I can’t wait to see her work more matches. That girl is good. Real good.

    That about wraps is up for this week. Until we meet again… Cryssi out!

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