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WWE Main Event Redux (December 11th, 2013): Alicia Fox and Natalya Get an A+ in Chemistry

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Main Event Redux. Natalya is on a roll as of late as she gears towards her WWE Divas Championship Match at TLC. Her latest roadblock, the sassy and classy Alicia Fox. Alicia and Natalya are known for having excellent chemistry in the ring so were we correct to get excited about this one? Let’s have a butcher’s hook shall we? (For any non-UK readers, that was Cockney rhyming slang for ‘look’. I know, I’m an amazing educator too!)

Out first this week is the pink and black bombshell herself, Natalya! Josh Matthews notes that although Natalya didn’t win the Slammy for ‘Diva of The Year’, she was just happy to be nominated. Of course she was. Natalya’s face character is so diplomatic, understanding and bor… respecting. Her opponent Alicia Fox swings her hips out next, motioning with her hands that she is a heartbreaker. I actually like this new pose from Alicia; it reminds me of the days when she was a man-stealing wedding planner. Those were the days. I could reminisce on worse moments of her career – like when she the undefined ‘hungry pirahna’ or her partnership with DJ Gabriel. I digress…

The match begins with Natalya locking a wristlock on Alicia, which the latter flips out of before utilizing one of her own. Natalya rolls out of her predicament before tripping up Alicia and wrenching her leg. Alicia counters with a headscissors yet Natalya quickly moves Alicia’s leg from her neck and mounts her before changing mindset and going for a cover. Nattie hits a headlock takeover next, her face beaming with happiness (I take it she didn’t watch this past week’s Total Divas then…)

Alicia thrusts Tal off her yet Natalya rebounds with a shoulder tackle. Alicia floats under and then leapfrogs over before hitting a crisp headscissor takeover. Nattie quickly retaliates with a waistlock roll-up yet Alicia powers out at 2. Nat goes back to the waistlock yet Alicia gets the ropes to break the hold. Natalya does a backward roll and then kips up.. into a MAJOR kick in the face from Alicia.

That. Was. Sick.

Alicia goes for two consecutive pin attempts, the second clearly because she was shocked that she didn’t get the win with the first. She then wraps her long lower limbs around Natalya’s neck, standing on her hands at one point to gain some extra leverage. Natalya eventually breaks out yet Alicia slams her back to the mat, targetting the head and neck at all times. Alicia then delivers her patented northern lights suplex yet she is still unable to get the win.

Alicia reverts back to her headscissor submission yet Natalya manages to stand up with Alicia still wrapped around her neck. Nattie drops ‘Lic in front of her, which is seemingly a mistake as Alicia quickly elbows Natalya, keeping the momentum in her corner. However, as Alicia goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Natalya reverses it and lands a crossbody, which she gets a two count from.

Alicia then looks to hit a dropkick yet Natalya isn’t in position and a little bit of awkwardness ensues before Alicia, like the true professional that she is, thinks on her feet and kicks Natalya in the stomach before playing up to the crowd, saying how smart she is. Great save, Alicia! Ms Fox chokes Nattie out in the corner and just as she is about to charge into Nattie, the Dungeon Diva averts danger and business is about to pick up!

Natalya hits a series of clotheslines before dropping Alicia with a lovely sit-out scoop slam. Nattie follows it up with her discus clothesline, which only gets a two count. She then tries to pick up Alicia’s pieces yet Foxy isn’t as rattled as first thought, which becomes apparent as she kicks Nattie in the head. Natalya then charges at Alicia in the corner, the latter of which does the splits on the top rope before rolling over looking for a pinfall. However, Natalya rolls through the pin attempt and locks in the Sharpshooter. The referee is positioned between Alicia and the ropes she is facing which I find hilarious and this leaves Alicia no choice but to tap out.

In addition to Natalya and Alicia, check out Cameron and Naomi managing Tons of Funk during the main event. The aftermath gets interesting as Brodus Clay gets irate yet again. Planet Funk is not a happy planet right now!

Thoughts: Yet again, Alicia and Natalya show to WWE why a championship feud between them would be solid gold. Their chemistry, apart from the dropkick slip-up, was fantastic and in some ways, the mistake helped put over Alicia a little more. Although it was clearly a mistake, Alicia proved how quick she is to think on her feet and she almost covered it completely with her lightning fast reactions as she teased the crowd.

The opening exchange was so slick and I particularly liked how Nattie switched up the normal way she would get out of a wristlock. Although she was using basic moves, the way she strung them together was sleek and unique. The pace of the match was different to normal too and I liked how Natalya’s comeback towards the end wasn’t long-winded and typical of what we would normally see. She only managed to hit four moves before Alicia made it a level playing field again.

The headscissor submissions from Alicia also made the match that little bit more refreshing as not only do they look better than a basic chinlock, but they also provided Natalya with a really cool way of getting out of them, showcasing her pure power. The match was yet another top-notch Alicia/Natalya match and I would love to see them become entwined again, yet this time with a storyline for the title mixed in.

As for Camerona and Naomi, I am really excited for this storyline and I hope it means they are no longer funkalicious aliens from a fictional planet. These two girls are reality TV stars and it’s just not realistic for them to be happy about the spot they are in. Their on-screen personas when they are seen with Brodus are nothing like their representations on Total Divas and I think it’s time for the girls to drop the glitterball and focus on the Divas Title. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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