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WWE Superstars Redux (December 20th, 2013): Summer Shines in Winter

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. For the third straight week, WWE’s ‘Hybrid Diva’ Kaitlyn is in action yet hurrah, she’s got a new opponent this week. In a little bit of a shock, she’s facing off against none other than Summer Rae! Kaitlyn defeated Aksana twice in as many weeks so can she keep her Superstars streak alive or will Summer dance her way to victory?


Out first this week is the sizzling Summer Rae, and is that her NXT entrance music I hear? So happy she’s kept it! I’m not keen on Summer’s main roster attires at all as garish blue and orange together aren’t my thing yet I’ll overlook it as I’m too happy that she’s kept her entrance music. Her entrance is full of attitude and my only complaints are that she didn’t have her own titantron nameplate and that we cut to a shot of the commentary team! Out next is her opponent, the former Divas Champion, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is looking better in all black this week and I’m sure she’ll give Summer a hard time of it.

The bell rings and Summer starts taunting Kaitlyn by shaking those hips of hers. Kaitlyn lunges for Summer yet the cowardly heel retreats between the ropes. Summer declares to the Dallas audience that she hasn’t stretched yet so she begins to make sure that her body is ready. Some more dancing happens before Summer points at Kaitlyn, and it looks like Kaitlyn could be about to bring out the robot again! Sadly for Summer, Kaitlyn opts for a couple of clotheslines instead. She follows those hits up with a corner clothesline and a hairgrab takeover and Summer is livid! The Dancing Queen declares that she doesn’t need this and begins to strop up the entrance ramp. Kaitlyn is in hot pursuit and we see that it was a ruse all along as Summer nails Kaitlyn with a roundhouse kick.

Back in the ring, Summer gets a one count and then follows it up with a ballet position rope choke. Yes, that move just happened. Summer uses her tush to knock Kaitlyn into next week although when Summer gets back in from the apron, she nearly gets caught! Luckily for her, Kaitlyn’s small package is pretty sloppy and she manages to escape. Kaitlyn punches Summer before whipping her off the ropes. Summer kicks Kaitlyn in the shoulder, which she follows up with a rhythmic kick to the stomach and a dancing facebuster. Summer gets a two count and although it’s not enough, she carries on undeterred by choking Kaitlyn with her foot in the corner. Summer continues her assault by slamming Kaitlyn’s head to the mat and then she applies a Camel Clutch.

This part of the match is where Summer starts to excel. The charisma and sass she showcases is tremendous! “THEY DON’T LOVE YOU KAITLYN!” “THEY DON’T CARE YOU’RE FROM TEXAS!” Hilarious! Kaitlyn eventually powers out by ramming Summer back first into the turnbuckle and delivering a sweet backbreaker. She begins to pick up more steam by hitting a clothesline and a shoulder tackle and she tops those brutal hits off with a gutbuster. She goes for a cover yet Summer shows her resiliency and kicks out, unlike some people who have been pinned by that move before (I’m looking at you, Aksana!) Summer kicks Kaitlyn in the head to shrug her off yet that doesn’t stop Kaitlyn from looking for her Spear! She darts at Summer yet she hits the turnbuckle instead, allowing Summer to get a roll-up win!

Thoughts: See what happens when fresh girls and match-ups are thrown into the mix? It works and it is thoroughly entertaining! What can we say about Summer that hasn’t already been said? She has the look, the in-ring skill and unlimited charisma. Her character has hints of both her NXT BFF gimmick and her dancing side and I am loving it. Her ranting in the match and the way she reacted at the crowd were textbook heel and all of the Divas should be taking notes from Summer. I’ve said in recent weeks that one positive about Aksana is that she can work the crowd. Summer WEEEERRRRRKKKS the crowd! She is the future of the Divas Division and proof that hard work and studying pays off big time. Although a comedic heel, she had the right balance of comedy and in-ring skill here to show that although funny, she’s still a serious threat.

I also enjoyed how the match went as well. The dancing at the start was light comic relief to get people interested and then the ambush from Summer on the ramp was really different. Kaitlyn sold the Camel Clutch well and although a Camel Clutch is a pretty basic submission, Summer added more to it with her antics to keep it from being boring. The quick pin at the end also stopped Kaitlyn from looking too bad in defeat. After this match, I’d be happy to see these two lock horns again!

Finally, this is my final Redux before Christmas so wherever you are in the world, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! Enjoy the food, glorious food! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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