Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Brie Bella Comments on Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble Uproar

Many fans who watched the Royal Rumble last night – especially those who were there live – were upset, to say the least, that Daniel Bryan did not compete in the Rumble match.

From “Daniel Bryan” chants to waves of boos as the 30th man entered the match, the message was loud and clear: fans want to see Bryan in the title picture at WrestleMania.

Daniel’s fiance Brie Bella took to Instagram soon after the show, putting in her two cents on the controversy.

She wrote, “Daniel Bryan should of been in the #royalrumble He should be going for the championship! We hear you all, I wish the authority did too!!! #yesmovement #yesyesyes”

Brie was definitely not alone in her views, as this was just one of many outspoken opinions from wrestlers on the topic.

Do you agree with Brie?

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