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NXT Redux (January 29th, 2014): Outnumbered, but Not Outdone

HELLO!!! You know it isn’t often that I get a chance to fill in for someone else on the staff so when the rare occasion pops up, I love to jump at the opportunity. It’s even better when the the show that I get to write for is NXT because it’s arguably the best show the WWE puts together. There wasn’t a lot going on this week but that’s okay. Because what little we got produced an amazing match and again proved why those girls (and guys) down in Florida are light years ahead of their main roster counterparts.

Bayley and Natalya make their way to the ring first and the reaction Bayley gets is awesome. The crowd just seems to eat up her personality and charisma, and she’s looking fit and gorgeous. Summer Rae and the returning Charlotte make their way to the ring with Sasha Banks, and like usual, the BBFs are up to no good. Bayley lets her emotions dictate her actions and that allows Sasha to get off to a quick start in the match.

Sasha is able to neutralize Bayley with some pretty demeaning slaps to her back and then brings got the mat with a hair toss. Bayley crawls over to the corner to try and pick herself up, but Sasha is there and gets the brilliant idea to use the other woman as a mini-trampoline. Bayley groans and gets covered, but she kicks out to stay alive in the match.

Sasha continues her onslaught but slamming Bayley’s face into the mat and then locks her up in a nice little straight jacket hold. On the outside, Natalya is rallying the crowd and it’s no surprise that they are firmly behind the peppy California native. Bayley uses her strength to press back and up and as a result, Sasha ends up with her shoulders pinned.

Sasha is able to kick out of the pin attempt without breaking the hold and that forces Bayley to fight a little harder to try and counter. Eventually she does and Sasha ends up flying across the ring much to the delight of everyone inside Full Sail University. Bayley steps up and takes Sasha down with a series of clothesline type maneuvers. Eventually she goes to the ropes.

Right as Bayley gets set to fly, Charlotte jumps up and tries to distract her former friend. Natalya is so quick to put a stop to that. Summer Rae comes over to join in the melee and that is a big distraction to Bayley. Sasha is able to roll her up but it’s not enough! Bayley does kick out and a few seconds she hits the Belly-to-Bayley suplex for a BIG win.

Thoughts: Such a cute match – simple and solid from top to bottom. You don’t have to wrestle a five star mat classic to entertain people. You just have to sell your character and tell a story and that’s what all these women did. NXT is such a bright shining light within the WWE that it’s a lot a shame when these talented women and men get called to the main roster. Charlotte and Bayley’s beef with one another probably wouldn’t have even been remembered had it happened on Raw or SmackDown.

Just sayin!

Loved this and can’t wait to see what happens next. Bayley has beaten Summer and now Sasha. Surely she will be able to get her hands on Charlotte next?

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