Saturday, June 12, 2021

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Video: Summer Rae Steals Emma’s Sign on SmackDown

On this week’s SmackDown, Summer Rae had an altercation during a match between Fandango and Xavier Woods, but it wasn’t with Cameron and Naomi.

The newest Total Divas star had enough of Emma‘s “Emmataining” antics, taking the NXT Diva’s sign and breaking it over her knee.

This didn’t faze Emma, though, as she simply pulled out a new sign and continued on.

Later, WWE’s Backstage Fallout caught up with Summer, pointing out that Emma has started showing up exclusively during Fandango’s matches. Summer brushes that aside, saying that there’s a reason why Emma had to buy a ticket and she, Summer, is a star.

Watch it all below:

Do you want Emma’s first feud to be with Summer?

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