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Today in History: Wendi Richter Loses the Women’s Title in “The Original Screwjob”

On this day in history:

November 25th, 1985 | Twelve years before Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart‘s Montreal Screwjob, there was what wrestling fans have dubbed “The Original Screwjob”. In it, Wendi Richter defended the Women’s Title against The Spider Lady (a masked The Fabulous Moolah) at Madison Square Garden. Richter, who had refused to sign a contract extension with the WWE until she received a specified pay increase, found herself screwed out of the title when the referee counted her down for a pin she clearly kicked out of. Wendi quickly realized what had happened, lashing out post-match and leaving the building – legend has it – still in her wrestling gear. She would never again compete inside of a WWE ring.

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