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    NXT TakeOver Results: Charlotte Retains the NXT Women’s Championship

    Tonight at NXT Takeover: R Evolution, Charlotte bested her former BFF Sasha Banks to hang on to the NXT Women’s Title.

    The two Divas displayed the personal animosity throughout the match, Sasha at one point locking in a figure four headlock, Charlotte’s tribute to her father Ric Flair.

    Throughout the course of the match, Sasha and Charlotte displayed both guts and athleticism, Sasha performing a suicide dive and Charlotte landing on her feet when she noticed Sasha escaping her moonsault.

    Late in the match, Charlotte managed to thwart Sasha’s superplex attempt and hit a Super Natural Selection from the top rope. This was enough to put Sasha down for the count, allowing Charlotte to remain NXT’s Women’s Champion.

    What did you think of the match?